Top 10 SEO Forums: Find out What’s Being Said

Forums often have a bad reputation because many are very easy to spam. Businesses want links, so posting a link on a forum is an easy way of making this happen. Fortunately, more and more forum owners are beginning to moderate all comments, which is quickly changing the way that people view forums.

For those who are unfamiliar, a forum is a place where people can ask and respond to questions. Forums are usually broken up by topic, so they are easy to navigate even if the forum has very active participants. In general you must register in order to post in the forum, and some forums make sure you’ve participated at least five times before you’re allowed to post a link. All of these precautions help make sure a forum works the way it’s supposed to. Fortunately for those hoping to learn more about SEO, many SEO forums take these precautions seriously.

Top 10 SEO Forums

If you have a question about SEO and want to talk to others, forums are usually the place to go. Below is a list of 10 quality SEO forums that keep the spam out and make sure that everyone gets an answer to his/her question:

  1. SEO Moz – This forum is broken up into categories such as The SEO Process, Measuring and Testing SEO, and SEO Research and Trends. You can only ask a question after you’ve earned a certain number of MozPoints, so this forums is best for those simply looking to learn in general as opposed to something specific.
  2. Search Engine Watch – It is no secret that this site offers great content, and their forums are no different. Broken up into different categories, this forum has a huge library of questions and answers.
  3. SEO Roundtable – This entire site seems to be designed to ask and answer questions. SEO Roundtable is a friendly environment with loyal participants.
  4. Digital Point – This forum is very clear about guidelines and regulations for the blog, so you know you’re only going to get real people asking real questions. Definitely a great forum for beginners.
  5. SEO Guy – I like this forum because I feel as though the participates are very passionate about SEO. I’m always getting solid answers to my questions—what more could you want?
  6. Site Point – This forum has categories including Internet Marketing, Web Development Software, and even Business and Legal Rights. Definitely a great variety of information found here.
  7. SEO Chat – This is a PR 5 forum with a ton of variety and a ton of material. I would highly recommend this forum for those with specific questions about SEO.
  8. The V7 Network – I like this forum because it puts a focus on technical coding issues as well as SEO. There are over 243,000 threads so it seems a bit overwhelming at first, but I find that it’s very easy to use once you familiarize yourself with the website.
  9. Cre8asite Forums – This forum focuses on usability and design in relation to SEO. The participants in this forum seem to be very knowledgeable, so I always feel like I can trust what I read.
  10. Top25 Web – This is a newer forum and therefore doesn’t usually get mentioned, but I think it’s a great forum for those newer to SEO. The topics are basic and it’s a comfortable environment where no question is too basic.

Are you an active member at an SEO forum? Let us know what your favorite forum is in the comments and why you love it!

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