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Most businesses struggle to generate consistent leads and sales. As one of the top SEO agencies the U.S., we develop custom SEO Services proven to get you more customers. Request a free custom strategy from our experts!

Tired of Dealing With SEO Challenges?

If any of these sound familiar, meet HigherVisibility. We’ve worked with thousands of clients across a variety of industries to solve these same issues.

You’re Falling Behind The Competition
You’re Falling Behind The Competition
You Can’t Hire An In-House SEO Team
You Can’t Hire An In-House SEO Team
You’ve Had Poor Results With Other Agencies
You’ve Had Poor Results With Other Agencies
Your Traffic Is Declining / Not Growing
Your Traffic Is Declining / Not Growing
You Need More Leads / Sales
You Need More Leads / Sales
You’ve Experienced Poor Agency Communication
You’ve Experienced Poor Agency Communication
You Don’t Have Endless Resources
You Don’t Have Endless Resources
Other Agencies Didn’t Understand Your Business
Other Agencies Didn’t Understand Your Business
You’re Not Sure What You Paid For In The Past
You’re Not Sure What You Paid For In The Past

HigherVisibility has delivered exemplary results since taking over our SEO/PPC accounts. They’re a key reason we have become the top online authority in the collision industry.

Greg Clark, CMO

What Our SEO Services Include

We don’t cut corners. We develop an elite SEO strategy using an all-encompassing approach. Success is obtained when we create a sustainable future for your website, achieving and surpassing your goals!

Technical SEO
check icon Technical Code Auditing & Analysis
check icon Technical Code Audit Remediation
check icon Robots.txt File Setup / Verification
check icon Search Engine Accessibility
check icon Page Speed Analysis
check icon Schema Markup Strategies
On-Page SEO
check icon Data-driven Keyword Research
check icon Organic CTR Optimization
check icon Keyword & On-Page Optimization
check icon Internal Linking Improvements
check icon Content Calendar Strategies
check icon Content Implementation
Link Building
check icon Digital Public Relations
check icon Domain Authority Improvement
check icon High Quality Link Standards
check icon Journalist / Blogger Outreach
check icon Digital Asset & Content Marketing
check icon Competitor Profile Targeting

Nothing is guaranteed in marketing but I’m happy to know that a company like this is not about the bottom dollar – and instead values the ability to deliver results.

Ryan Cox, Director of Marketing

What to Expect With Your SEO campaign

You’ll never wonder if we’re doing what we promised. We strive to continuously earn your business and your trust, through transparent communication, integrity, and results. Every single month.

Adam Heitzman
Adam Heitzman
Managing Partner
Ericka Milford
Ericka Milford
V.P. of Brand Success
Alex Gillespie
Alex Gillespie
Director of Digital Strategy
Andy Spears
Andy Spears
Director of Digital PR
Lauren Brady
Lauren Brady
Director of Digital Consulting
Sean Hoyt
Sean Hoyt
Director of Analytics and Technology
  • 01.
    Data Gathering
    You’ll have an initial kick-off meeting with your Brand Success Manager (BSM) and other team members on your account. This call will cover questions about your business, your goals, important KPIs, and communication cadence with primary stakeholders.
  • 02.
    Internal Strategies
    The experts on your account will conduct an internal strategy session to determine the most effective way to achieve higher search engine rankings and exceed your SEO goals.
  • 03.
    Insite Dashboard
    Once set up, your BSM will give you a walkthrough of the InSite Dashboard, our proprietary reporting platform. Here, you’ll be able to see performance tracking, SEO campaign task tracking, strategy insights, and downloadable reports. Your organic traffic data will also be visible with Google Analytics integration.
  • 04.
    Scheduled Meetings
    Unlike other SEO service providers, we believe in transparency. You’ll have regular meetings with your BSM to discuss campaign performance, upcoming deliverables, and progress updates.
  • 05.
    Quarterly Reviews
    Every quarter, you’ll have a campaign review meeting with your BSM to align on long-term objectives, overall performance, and ongoing strategy.
  • 06.
    Strategy Adjustments
    Throughout the search marketing campaign, your BSM and key personnel will be analyzing data to make strategic adjustments catered towards achieving your goals. As a leading search engine optimization company, we are in-tune with the ever-changing search landscape. As Google’s search algorithm and ranking factors adjust, we are quick to adapt our SEO strategies along with it. Our team of experts are prepared to make any necessary adjustments!

Real Results for Real SEO Clients

Compete and win… today, tomorrow, and into the future. We keep you ahead of a changing industry so you don’t even have to think about it.

Allied Van Lines - SEO
check 58% YOY Increase in Organic Traffic
Caliber Collision - SEO
check 142% YOY Increase in Organic Leads
Brilliant Earth - SEO
check 36% YOY Increase in Organic Traffic
check 191% YOY Increase in Organic Traffic
Evolve Bank & Trust - SEO
check 105% Increase in Leads
Lawn Doctor - SEO
check 52% YOY Increase in Organic Traffic
New Roads Auto Loans - SEO
check 112% YOY Increase in Organic Leads
Allure Bridals - SEO
check 78% YOY Increase in Organic Traffic
Quest Software - SEO
check 77% YOY Increase in Organic Traffic

For over 5 years the HigherVisibility team has been proactive to our needs and not reactive. They produce results, are incredibly responsive and quick to action. Highly recommend!

Scott Breault, CMO
Superior On-Page Optimization

The structure of a webpage and its content is only a piece to the SEO puzzle, but a very important piece. We perform best-in-class optimization with proven techniques.

Website Architecture Analysis
Website Architecture Analysis
Our team goes through a website making sure that the pages that are meant for the public can be found by the search engines. We want nothing holding you back.
Keywords With A Focus
Keywords With A Focus
We research to find the best performing keywords, with the proper search intent for your industry, and the appropriate pages on your website. Keywords that convert sales.
Winning Content Strategies
Winning Content Strategies
Not only will we optimize the content on your current webpages, we will show you the secrets to developing content that keep customers coming back. Yes, content is king.
Detailed Transparent Reporting

When you select an SEO company you have a right to know what you are paying for. We don’t believe in secrets and we are proud of our work. We keep you informed every step of the way.

Keyword Ranking Reports
Keyword Ranking Reports
Our client dashboard provides you with detailed reporting on your search rankings, complete with search position screenshots and updates every 24 hours.
Link Building Reports
Link Building Reports
You don’t need to guess what quality links we have built for you. Each month you will receive a report showing every link that we have acquired for your website.
Website Traffic Reports
Website Traffic Reports
Our client dashboard integrates with Google Analytics so that you can have access to all of your important SEO campaign information all in one location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about our SEO services? Browse our FAQs:

What is search engine optimization?

SEO is the application of various strategies to improve the search rankings of a website. These strategies range from on-page optimization, quality content, to authoritative link building. SEO is an important piece to any online marketing plan and with a well-rounded strategy; most any website can see improved rankings. For a more in-depth explanation, read our guide on: What is SEO?

Should my business use SEO?

SEO is an investment into the future of your company. The organic traffic generated from search engine optimization has a much higher ROI in the long-term, than that of paid search traffic. If your website isn’t on page 1 for your top keywords, you are missing out on a large piece of your online potential. If you request a free consultation, our digital marketing consultants will present you with an SEO plan specific to the needs of your website, providing a road map to success. For more information, read: Why is SEO Important.

Can SEO increase my sales or leads?

Yes. Search engine optimization can improve a website’s visibility in the search results. That increased visibility will lead to more potential customers learning more about your products or services.  Very few marketing services can offer a comparable quality of customer and ROI.

How much does SEO cost?

The cost of an SEO campaign differs depending on the keywords being targeted, the history of your website, the industry, and the amount of work needed to achieve your goals. We work with businesses of all sizes, large and small, and have affordable solutions that deliver real results. Our digital consultants will assess your needs to develop a winning strategy for you. Contact us for a free consultation and quote.

Do you offer any guarantees?

Google warns to stay away from companies claiming to guarantee rankings. Any company that says they can is being dishonest, as Google’s algorithm changes frequently. HigherVisibility is a leading digital marketing agency, that consistently provides our clients the highest level of service and results. While we cannot guarantee top rankings, we have a proven track record of delivering results to our clients. Read our case studies to learn how we have been a valuable partner to so many successful businesses.

How are you different than other SEO companies?

Every company says that they can deliver you results, but we have the experience to back that up. We are led by industry veterans that have been performing SEO for some of America’s largest corporations. In fact, Adam Heitzman (Managing Partner) has been named by Forbes, Huffington Post, and Search Engine Journal as one of the leading SEO experts in the country. Not only that, we have been named SEO Agency of the Year by Search Engine Land. What really makes us special is our dedication to generating sales and leads for your business. We know you aren’t paying us to only to get you better rankings and traffic, what you really want is for us to generate revenue. Knowing that, we work to earn your business every day.

Are you a White Hat SEO firm?

Yes. The strategies and techniques employed by our firm follows the latest in best practices, while remaining well within Google’s guidelines. We have also conducted numerous research studies, providing us with an edge over our competitors, but more importantly, providing our clients an edge over theirs.

Can you help websites with a Google penalty?

Yes, we have been very successful at removing all types of Google penalties. If your website is experiencing an issue, please contact us to learn how we can help get your website back in good standing.

Do you do link building?

Yes. We have built relationships with hundreds of publishers, bloggers, and journalists over the years and we are building new relationships every day. Our link building (Digital PR) team takes pride in delivering relevant, highly authoritative backlinks to propel our clients forward in the search rankings. If you feel like your staff has a good handle on most of the day to day tasks except for link building, request a free consultation and our Digital Marketing Consultants can discuss our link building service options with you. For more information on link building, click here.

Do you have website audit services?

Yes. We have options available for businesses that are looking to diagnose any SEO deficiencies that their website may be facing. Our audits are comprehensive and provide a roadmap as to what needs to be completed to get back to a solid foundation. For more information on SEO audit services please click here. If you don’t have an in-house marketing team to handle day-to-day tasks, we highly recommend going with a SEO service that has a monthly retainer versus a one-time audit.

Do you outsource your work?

To ensure we are providing our clients the best quality of SEO service and proper oversight, all employees are located at our corporate headquarters. You are paying for the experts, so you deserve to have them overseeing your campaign.

How are SEO and PPC different?

SEO is a marketing strategy to increase search positions, for delivering organic search traffic. This strategy traditionally has a significantly better ROI over time in comparison to Paid Search. The benefit of PPC is that you can start realizing traffic and sales much sooner. SEO and PPC are both essential internet marketing strategies for almost any business. If you aren’t sure what is right for you, request a free consultation and one of our Digital Consultants will help you develop a strategy that will fit your needs.

How do you conduct keyword research?

We use a variety of tools to analyze keywords across all industry types. For each individual search phrase, we look to determine the search volume, relevancy to the client’s business, the likelihood that they will lead to sales, as well as the competitiveness of the keyword. Our team handpicks each keyword based on our belief that it will contribute to a successful campaign.

How long does it take to see results?

With over 200 different ranking signals, it is difficult to predict how long it will take a website to rank. In our experience clients typically see significant improvement on long tail keywords in the first 90 days and more competitive search terms around 180 days. SEO is a long-term strategy but has consistently proven to provide the best ROI.

What countries will you optimize for?

We are only servicing businesses that are targeting the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.

What tools and software do you use?

We utilize a robust set of proprietary SEO tools as well as some select third-party systems to provide every advantage to our clients.

Will I have to make changes to my website?

Normally no structural or design changes will need to be made to properly optimize your website. Most of the work we perform is in the code or content of each page. Typically, most clients elect to have our staff make the changes; however, we can also provide clear directives if you would prefer implementing internally.

Will you work with Ecommerce sites?

Yes. Ecommerce websites have their own unique set of challenges, but our proven practices develop successful results time and again. We also have worked with a variety of shopping cart platforms such as Magento, Shopify, and Big Commerce to name a few. For more information about our Ecommerce SEO solutions, click here.

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How we helped Caliber Collision generate a 141.51% Increase in Conversions in 12 Months

Caliber Collision had extremely aggressive growth goals. Their business was expanding and they needed experts to help them become a market leader.

Their SEO service partner had to be able to recommend best-in-class strategies and tactics to try to establish and maintain Page 1 organic positioning on in every market they are present in for branded and non-branded search terms.


Increase in Conversions


Organic Traffic Growth

What to Look for in an SEO Services Agency

Selecting the best seo provider is a critical decision for your business’s online success. Here are essential aspects to consider:

  1. Customized Strategy Development: A top-tier agency should offer bespoke strategies, not generic solutions. They should understand your unique business needs and tailor their approach accordingly.
  2. Proven Track Record: Look for an agency with demonstrable success in boosting search rankings and driving organic traffic. Client testimonials and case studies are good indicators of their effectiveness.
  3. Comprehensive SEO Expertise: The agency should be proficient in all facets of SEO, including technical, on-page, and off-page optimization, ensuring a holistic approach to your SEO needs.
  4. Transparent Reporting and Communication: Choose an agency that values transparency, providing regular, detailed reports on your campaign’s progress and being open about their strategies.
  5. Ethical SEO Practices: Ensure the agency adheres to white-hat SEO techniques to safeguard your site from potential penalties and ensure long-term success.
  6. Adaptability to Industry Changes: The SEO landscape is constantly evolving. The agency should demonstrate an ability to adapt quickly to changes in search engine algorithms and online trends.
What Makes HigherVisibility One of the Best SEO Companies?

HigherVisibility distinguishes itself as a leading SEO company for several compelling reasons:

  1. Tailored SEO Strategies: We believe in a customized approach, crafting strategies that align with your specific business goals and target audience.
  2. Extensive SEO Experience: Our team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, ensuring we understand and effectively address the unique challenges and opportunities in your industry.
  3. Commitment to Transparency and Communication: We prioritize clear, consistent communication with our clients, ensuring you are always informed about your campaign’s progress.
  4. Transparent Reporting and Communication: Choose an agency that values transparency, providing regular, detailed reports on your campaign’s progress and being open about their strategies.
  5. Focus on Ethical Practices: Our adherence to white-hat SEO techniques ensures your website’s integrity and long-term success in search rankings.
  6. Proven Success: Our track record of success, evidenced by numerous client testimonials and case studies, speaks to our ability to deliver tangible results.
  7. Advanced Analytical Approach: Utilizing cutting-edge tools and data-driven insights, we continuously refine and optimize your SEO strategy for maximum effectiveness.
  8. High Client Satisfaction and Retention: Our focus on delivering measurable results and building long-term client relationships is reflected in our high client retention rate

By partnering with HigherVisibility for your SEO needs, you gain access to a team dedicated to enhancing your online presence and driving real business results. Our blend of expertise, innovation, and client-focused service positions us as a top choice for businesses seeking comprehensive and effective SEO solutions.

HigherVisibility University

Are you looking to keep up with the latest studies and SEO trends? Read our collection of research, best practices, and guides available to educate businesses and marketers.


HigherVisibility rose to the occasion. I knew the SEO process would not produce overnight results but our business is at record levels for the 40+ years we have been in business.

Tom Shalin, Owner/Manager