SEO Audit Services
Technical Website Auditing That Gets You Back On Track

Is your website traffic and keyword rankings struggling? As a 4-time SEO Company of the Year, we can fix that! Our professional SEO auditing services will provide strategic recommendations on how to improve your search engine performance. Get a free quote today!

Tired of Dealing With SEO Challenges?

If any of these SEO issues sound familiar, meet HigherVisibility. Our SEO specialists have performed thousands of audits across a variety of industries. When it comes to finding, explaining, and fixing these SEO issues, you’re in capable hands!

Declining Organic Traffic
Declining Organic Traffic
Lower Search Rankings
Lower Search Rankings
Slow Page Speeds
Slow Page Speeds
Duplicate Content Issues
Duplicate Content Issues
Recent Website Changes
Recent Website Changes
High Bounce Rates
High Bounce Rates
Pages Not Being Indexed by Google
Pages Not Being Indexed by Google
Suspected Negative SEO Attacks
Suspected Negative SEO Attacks
Manual Action Penalties
Manual Action Penalties

The HV team is the smartest, most creative SEO people in the business. Overall, they have been a pleasure to work with, and I would recommend them without reservation.

Dusty Rhodes, Vice President & General Manager

What Our SEO Auditing Services Include

Our website audit services take a comprehensive look into every facet of your SEO. We’ll uncover the issues holding you back in search, from onsite coding to Google penalties and create an action plan to get your organic traffic growing again!

Technical SEO Audit
check icon Website Architecture
check icon HTML/CSS Code Review
check icon Page Speed Load Times
check icon 301 Redirect Check
check icon Robot.txt file
check icon Canonicalization
On-Page SEO Audit
check icon Duplicate Content Issues
check icon Meta Tag Review
check icon H1 Tags
check icon Content Word Count
check icon Broken Links in Content
check icon Internal Linking
Off-Page SEO Audit
check icon Google Search Console Review
check icon Search Console Crawl Errors
check icon Algorithmic Penalties
check icon Manual Actions
check icon Link Profile Health Check
check icon Linking Anchor Text

Our company has benefited greatly by using HigherVisibility. Most noticeably, is the amount of leads we now receive. A great group of people to work with.

Brent Simmons, President

What to Expect With Your Technical SEO Audit

Every person working on your team is regularly re-certified and trained on the latest best practices; so you can keep growing while the competition stumbles.

Adam Heitzman
Adam Heitzman
Managing Partner
Alex Gillespie
Alex Gillespie
Director of Digital Strategy
Ryan Bridges
Ryan Bridges
Senior SEO Strategist
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez
SEO Strategist
Erika Combs
Erika Combs
SEO Strategist
Sean Hoyt
Sean Hoyt
Director of Analytics and Technology
  • 01.
    Data Gathering
    You’ll have an initial kick-off meeting with your Brand Success Manager (BSM) and other team members on your account. This call will cover questions about your website, your history of design/content changes, your current content creation strategy, target keywords, any history of penalties, and access to Google Search Console and Google.
  • 02.
    Internal Strategies
    The experts on your account will conduct an internal strategy session to discuss the data we’ve collected and assign research tasks for the audit.
  • 03.
    SEO Audit Process
    Your SEO consultants will dive into their research, digging into things such as content duplication, page speed load times, image optimization, content strategy, algorithmic issues, and a plethora of other data points! This research will inform the recommendations presented in your final audit report.
  • 04.
    Audit Report
    You’ll receive a detailed report on our SEO team’s findings, along with a blueprint of recommended actions that HigherVisibility could conduct if you choose to move forward.

Real SEO Results for Real Clients

Compete and win… today, tomorrow, and into the future. Our SEO experts work to keep you ahead of Google’s algorithm changes so that you don’t have to think about it. We want you as our next success story!

Brilliant Earth - SEO
check 36% YOY Increase in Organic Traffic
Allure Bridals - SEO
check 78% YOY Increase in Organic Traffic
Duct Doctor - SEO
check 137% Increase in Organic Traffic
Magnolia Homes - SEO
check 40% YOY Increase in Organic Traffic
Restoration Roofing - Local SEO
check 162% YOY Increase in Organic Traffic
Road Runner Cigars - SEO
check 267% YOY Increase in Organic Revenue

“HigherVisibility is knowledgeable, reasonable priced, and they help our customers – people actually searching for us and buying our services – find us organically.”

Michael Strickland, Owner
On-Page Analysis

Each page of your website can either contribute to your SEO – or hold it back.

Your on-page analysis looks into the technical landscape of your website to find errors and opportunities for improvement. We’ll consider your URL structure, meta data, content quality, keyword performance, user behavior, design, and other factors to make sure nothing on your website is hindering your growth.

Off-Page Analysis

Off-page analysis looks into how websites affect your authority in the eyes of Google.

When an external website links back to you, your website gets something referred to as “link juice”. This data tells Google how authoritative and relevant your website is to your niche, helping the algorithm decide how to rank you in search.

We make sure the link juice you’re collecting is working for you, not against you. Suspicious backlink activity can significantly harm your rankings. If we find such links, we’ll create a plan to remove/disavow them and get your website back on Google’s good side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about our professional SEO audit services? Interested in learning more? Browse our FAQs below:

What is an SEO Audit?

A technical SEO audit checks your site for those little (or big) glitches that can keep your website from ranking higher. There are several steps involved in this audit, including processes like crawling and indexing the site, checking the use of robots, eliminating redirects, checking for duplicate content, ridding the source code of junk, conducting on-page and off-page analysis, and more. The goal is to provide a roadmap for a technically sound website, giving it the best change possible at higher search positions. See Also: What is Search Engine Optimization?

Why is it important to audit my website?

Without a thorough analysis, it’s difficult to know if your site has issues that are holding it back achieving optimal search rankings, not to mention better usability for your customers. Having a website that’s sleek, streamlined and free of duplicate content and technical errors can help boost your organic search positions. See Also: Why is SEO Important?

How is this different than a free SEO audit tool?

Free SEO checker tools just scratch the surface and only touch on the technical aspects of a website. These tools probably won’t uncover what may be plaguing your website. The fact is, search engine optimization goes well beyond just a few high-level metrics. Our professional auditors analyze your website to see how it stacks up against the most important search ranking factors, providing you with a roadmap for future success.

How long does the SEO analysis take?

The average analysis takes 30 days to complete, 45 days for extensive websites that have several thousands of webpages.

What will you be analyzing?

We look at an extensive array of search ranking factors. Some of those factors are Technical items (site speed, code, broken links), On-page (meta tags, schema, headings), Content (duplicate check, thematic relevancy, sufficient word count), and Off-Page (link quality and authority). Combined, these metrics produce a thorough report that provides a clear picture as to any deficiencies that your website may have.

Can you fix the items in my report?

Yes, but this service would be in addition to the audit. If you wish, we can provide a cost estimate after the report has been completed.

Do you audit link profiles as well?

We analyze the quality and authority of the link profile as part of the standard SEO service. Full in-depth link audits, including disavowing potential bad links, are part of our traditional monthly retainer based SEO services. If you have a custom need, request a free consultation and we can figure out a solution.

What access will you need to my website?

In some instances, we may require access to your website, but typically we will only need access to Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools), as well as Google Analytics. Our tools and software will crawl your website similar as Google would, which is why we normally won’t need direct access.

What will I receive in the final report?

Your SEO report will provide a comprehensive look at numerous search ranking factors such as: technical items, on-page, content, and off-page metrics. Each item is provided a score from our professional auditing team, as well as suggestions for improvement. This will act as a roadmap to get your website on a solid foundation. Your website will also be provided an overall score, taking the averages of each individual factor score, but weighted based on their estimated overall importance to Google’s algorithm.

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What to Look for in a Company Performing an SEO Audit for You

Selecting the right SEO services agency is a critical decision for your business’s online success. Here are essential aspects to consider:

  1. Comprehensive Audit Capabilities: The best SEO audit service should offer a thorough examination of your website, covering technical SEO, on-page elements, content quality, and backlink profile. This comprehensive approach ensures that no stone is left unturned in identifying opportunities for improvement.
  2. Up-to-Date with SEO Best Practices: SEO is an ever-evolving field. The seo audit company you choose should be current with the latest trends and algorithm updates to provide recommendations that will genuinely improve your site’s ranking and visibility.
  3. Customized Strategy Development: Every website is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work in SEO. Look for a company that provides customized strategies based on the specific needs and goals of your website, rather than generic advice.
  4. Transparent Reporting: Transparency is crucial when performing website seo audit services. The company should provide clear, understandable reports that not only highlight issues but also offer actionable insights and recommendations for addressing them.
  5. Proven Track Record: Experience and success stories are vital. Look for a company with a proven track record of helping businesses improve their online presence through SEO audits. Testimonials, case studies, and client reviews can provide valuable insights into their capabilities and results.
Why HigherVisibility for Your SEO Audit?

Choosing HigherVisibility for your SEO audit means partnering with a company that not only understands the technical aspects of SEO but also prioritizes your website’s success. Let us help you uncover the full potential of your website with a comprehensive, customized SEO audit.

  1. Tailored Audit Approach: At HigherVisibility, we understand that each website has its unique challenges and opportunities. Our SEO audit process is designed to be fully customized to meet the specific needs of your website, ensuring that we identify and address all areas for improvement.
  2. Expert Team: Our team of SEO experts is highly experienced and stays on the cutting edge of SEO best practices. With a deep understanding of the nuances of SEO audits, we are equipped to provide insights that can significantly impact your website’s performance.
  3. Actionable Insights: We go beyond just identifying issues. Our audit reports are detailed and actionable, providing you with a clear roadmap for improving your site’s SEO performance. We prioritize recommendations to help you focus on the changes that will make the most significant impact.
  4. Commitment to Transparency: We believe in complete transparency throughout the SEO audit process. Our reports are clear, concise, and tailored to your level of SEO knowledge, ensuring you understand our findings and recommendations.
  5. Award-Winning Service: HigherVisibility is recognized as a leader in the SEO industry, with numerous awards and accolades to our name. Our commitment to excellence in SEO audits and client satisfaction sets us apart.

HigherVisibility University

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A company that delivers results from the moment you start. I’m happy our company found them and I plan on working together for a long time to come. Thanks HV!

Nate Berges, Vice President