Take Advantage of Long Tail SEO

Not enough companies are taking advantage of the vast amount to long tail keywords available with which there are fewer competitors. Long tail keywords are search terms that are 3 or more words long. Many companies focus their attention on the shorter 2 word or less search terms that drive lots of traffic. The problem is that everyone is trying to rank for those keywords. I am not suggesting to give up on those long term goals, I am only suggesting that you start putting some focus where your competition isn’t looking. The fact is that there are hundreds if not thousands of ways that people will search for a specific item or service online. Collectively they can bring in lots of traffic/customers to your website.

Take for example a website that sells LCD TVs. While they will want to rank for the term “LCD TV” which gets (33,100) exact match search per month according to Google, they could also try for longer tail keywords such as: “32 inch lcd tv” (8,100 searches), “lcd tv ratings and reviews” (5,400 searches), or even a brand based term such as “samsung lcd tv” (6,600 searches). All of those searches for the longer tail keywords can add up and even surpass the amount of traffic that could be gained by ranking for the head term in your category.

How can you start taking advantage of long tail SEO? Start with researching what people type in when looking for your product(s) or service(s). Google’s keyword suggestion tool is free to use, but there are companies around like WordTracker that offer paid products. Once you have gathered that information, start optimizing relevant pages on your website or write new content with focus around some of the new keywords that you have found. Over time as these pages are indexed, you will begin seeing traffic trickle in from keywords that you hadn’t even thought about months or even weeks ago. As more content is written or as rankings improve on the pages that you optimized, these keywords will make up a large percentage of your overall search traffic.

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We’ve been growing businesses since 2009, let us do it for you!