What do you get when you mix Google and Yahoo?

The Internet has been buzzing this weekend about an article that appeared in The Wall Street Journal that states Google may have some interest in purchasing Yahoo. The article states that officials from Google have asked financial firms to help them with the deal. This report comes just a couple of days after reports that Microsoft as also interested in buying Yahoo and that Chinese Internet company Alibaba also had an interest.

While Google may be interested in purchasing Yahoo, company officials will have many hoops to jump through with the federal regulators because of potential antitrust violations. However, let’s look at what could happen and how it could change the Internet if it finds financing and the deal is approved.

  • Will Google keep Yahoo as a separate search engine or absorb it into Google?
  • If Yahoo keeps its identity, will Google continue to offer pay-per-click advertising on the site or will it be operated through Google?
  • Will Google try to “go social” with Yahoo. Like Google, Yahoo has made several attempts to get users to come to the site and interact with their friends. Yahoo Messenger was once a popular way to have instant chats with friends and family. Now Facebook and Skype have cornered much of that market with Google+ hoping to get more of it with the ‘hangout’ feature on its site.
  • Will Google still be as vigilante about giving its users great search engine results? How will this change the search engine algorithms?
  • Will we still call it googling or something else like “googleyahoong?”

Many of Yahoo’s challenges have not come from Google, but from social networks like Facebook and Twitter who can get information to millions of people with a post and click. Google has also struggled to compete with social media. Whoever purchases Yahoo will have to consider social media when building a new plan for success. No matter what happens with Yahoo, it’s likely to change the Internet.

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