Taking the BingItOn Challenge: Is Bing Better than Google?

Bing made a smart move when they created the challenge back in September because everyone knows that when someone challenges you to something, you do it. This was exactly my mentality when I took the challenge, but I ended up realizing that it wasn’t so much a challenge as an educational 5 minutes. Most people (particularly Google users) likely go into the challenge trying to “beat” Bing, but you quickly realize that that isn’t really the point.

The challenge is designed to educate and open people’s eyes to some of the most basic differences between Google and Bing. It’s hard to convince yourself that the challenge is rigged in any way because it is so straightforward and honest. Bing may create the challenge, but it’s only because they are confident. If your results show that you prefer Google, they’ll let you know.

How the BingItOn Challenge Works (And My Experience)

The challenge is incredibly easy and takes no more than five minutes. You simply type in a search, and then two sets of results will show up. You decide whether or not you like the results on the left, right, or you can’t decide, and then you move on to another search of your choosing. You don’t know which results are Google and which are Bing, so it’s actually a lot of fun.

Below is a screenshot of the search term “Mardi Gras” with the two different results side by side. Do you know which one you would pick?

Once you complete the five searches of your choice, the challenge tells you where you chose Bing and where you chose Google. I typed in “Mardi Gras” first and immediately knew that the left was Bing and the right was Google (I’m on Google all day every day), so I started over with a few more types of searches that I felt were diverse. The five searches I used were:

  1. How to create a WordPress website
  2. Best valentines day date
  3. Masters programs in Illinois
  4. Flights from Sydney to LA
  5. Kate Middelton latest news

I chose Bing’s results for the second and third searches, and Google for the rest. When you get your results, you will see a page that looks like this:

As you can see, I seemed to like the Google searches more. I clicked the rematch button to see if I was consistent, and it was Google once again. However, the overall results of the Bing It On Challenge seem to suggest that I am in the minority.

What the Challenge Proves about Bing and Google

According to statistics, “over 5 million have visited the Bing It On Challenge, and 33 percent of Google Primary Users said they would use Bing more after taking the challenge.” The blog also explained back in September that people taking the challenge preferred Bing nearly 2:1. It doesn’t seem as though Google has never proved Bing’s results skewed, so this is an eye opening experience for most.

So what does this prove? In my opinion, the challenge really doesn’t prove that one search engine is better than another overall. If you take the challenge 10 times and one specific search engine wins all ten times, then I think it’s obvious which search engine is best for you. It’s all about preference when it comes down to it. You could break it down and categorize each search engine for different searches, but in general most will just use one engine for everything.

If nothing else, the fact that Bing has put this challenge out there shows conviction and some definite confidence, so you can’t fault them for that or deny that it isn’t attractive.

Now You Take the Challenge

The challenge only takes five minutes and we’d love for you to give us a try and let us know your thoughts. You can find the challenge at

What were your results? Did you find that Bing gave you more relevant results than Google? If so, do you realistically think you’ll make the switch from Google to Bing?

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