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  • 1,321%

    Increase in Organic Traffic

  • 2,431.7%

    Increase in Leads

  • 80%

    Reduction in Paid Search Spend

The Challenge

SEO companies that fail to increase organic traffic

Jordan M. had successfully grown their shipping business through pay-per-click ads for year. But PPC was expensive, and they knew that their business couldn’t truly thrive if it continued to rely on search engine advertising.

Unfortunately, Jordan had hired SEOs in the past and always been disappointed. None of the teams they’d hired had been able to boost their site’s position in search results or increase organic traffic—even after months of investment.

Paid traffic remained their most effective source of new leads. So, year-after-year, Jordan wound up reinvesting the SEO budget back into PPC.

“We had tried other SEO firms in the past, but it always felt like throwing money out of the window. Even after 6 or 12 months, we never got results that were better than our pay-per-click advertising returns. It never made sense to keep trying SEO.”

Case Study Section Image
Case Study Section Image

The Solution

On- and off-site SEO improvements

HigherVisibility caught Jordan’s attention when, instead of just promising to help, they began their engagement with a technical audit of the website. This audit uncovered issues such as duplicate content and broken links that might prevent Google from properly crawling the website.

HigherVisibility fixed the technical issues first before launching into keyword research and on-site optimization. Jordan had an enormous amount of historical data from their PPC campaigns to work with and HigherVisibility leveraged this data to hone in on the keywords that would return the best results.

Finally, HigherVisibility focused on content development. They created quality content and linkable assets that would attract relevant backlinks to the website. High-value assets, such as an on-site estimate calculator, were instant successes with Jordan’s audience.

Client Success

1,321% increase in traffic and 2,432% more leads

Jordan has now been working with HigherVisibility for almost two years—with amazing results.

They used to average 1,900 website visitors each month, but they now receive an average of 27,000 monthly visitors—a 1,321% increase.

More importantly, lead generation has exploded. In July 2017, their website generated 880 leads, largely thanks to their PPC campaigns. In July 2018, it generated 22,279 leads—an astonishing 2,432% increase.

Far from reinvesting SEO dollars into PPC, Jordan is now tapping the PPC budget to increase the site’s organic growth. They’re now spending less on Google ads than ever before, and they’ve managed to slash the budget of another good, but very expensive, paid lead source by 80%.

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The Results

“People are going to see our results and think, ‘That’s BS. Those numbers can’t possibly be true.’  But I’ve seen the results and I’m optimistic we can almost get our pay-per-click down to zero.”


Increase in Organic Traffic

Data based on YOY results.


Increase in Leads

Data based on YOY results.


Reduction in Paid Search Spend

Reinvesting PPC budget to grow Organic further.

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