Google Partners with Cloudflare and TripleLift: Everything You Need to Know

In recent Google news, there’s a new partnership to speak of. Google has partnered with Cloudflare (web performance security service) and TripleLift (image-driven advertising/native ads company) to improve AMP ads.

The Problem: According to the initial Ad Age article, ad blockers received significant momentum from users reporting on bad online experiences thanks to slow-loading ads.

The Solution: Cloudflare developed a tool called Firebolt that renders ads as quickly as Google’s AMP pages. Now, Google is going to promote that tool to deliver ads the same way it does AMP pages-near instantly.

Cloudflare is new to the advertising sector of online practices, as most of their clientele has consisted of big fish security clients (FBI, CIA). But their testing on TripleLift have proved valuable enough to catch Google’s attention and bring Cloudflare on board:

“In our tests with Triplelift, AMP ads are already more viewable, up 13% from standard ads on AMP pages…We’ve also seen corresponding improvements in click through rates and eCPMs.”

This is where the decision to partner with TripleLift comes from, as the visual advertising company has seen so much success using Firebolt in conjunction with their own tools.

This partnership will improve UX for mobile users, and further showcases Google’s commitment to and shifting towards a mobile-first world.

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