Affiliate Marketing Strategy

No matter if your goal is to drive revenue, generate leads or build brand awareness, we develop and implement a plan that will exceed your ROI goals.

  • Strategic planning. We spend time learning about the client’s needs and target market before creating any type of strategy. A well thought out plan will lead to greater affiliate interest leading to greater sales.
  • Winning promotion strategy. Our team works to create a win win situation for you the advertiser and your affiliates. Offering proper compensation with a great product offering will lead to more sales at an attractive ROI.
  • Affiliate network selection. It is important to select the right network with the access to the right affiliates for your business. Not only are we familiar with the networks, we also will help you negotiate favorable pricing.

On-Going Program Management


Managing an affiliate program requires a significant time commitment and experience, but with our team of trained affiliate marketers we take the burden off your shoulders and on to ours.

  • Affiliate Recruiting. An affiliate program is only as good as the affiliates you have promoting your product. We actively recruit the best, most qualified affiliates to work with your companies program.
  • Managing communications. Communication is key with the management of a program. Ensuring that there is a consistent flow of dialogue with the individual affiliates is vital to helping them improve their marketing of your business.
  • Compliance. We carefully monitor publisher signups and publisher activity to ensure they are staying within your brand guidelines. To give your campaign its best chance for success, compliance requires constant oversight.