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Research shows that 95% of customers have conducted an online search for a local business. Google search is the easiest way to find contractor services or products they need. As an ambitious local contractor, you must look for the most effective ways to appear at the top of their search lists.

SEO strategy creation helps you to attract more potential clients. Local SEO services even turn website visitors into regular buying customers because 92% of these online searchers do not go beyond the first page when they are looking for best contractors that can offer what the clients are looking for. Do you want to rank higher in search engines? Well, you need to learn everything you can about contractor SEO (search engine optimization) services. Using SEO is a digital marketing strategy that has enabled thousands of contractors to beat their competition, get to the top, and actually stay there. That is why you cannot ignore it.

Of course, this means looking for the best SEO services to help you rank better in search engines – allowing your clients to access your website and services more easily. It also leads to more traffic, leads as well as conversation rates. Besides, with the right marketing campaign for contractors, you can keep your clients satisfied and increase your revenue. Below are a few things to do to ensure your contractor SEO strategy gets you the customers you want.

Keyword Research—Use Contracting Keywords

Keyword research is crucial because it enables you to know the right keywords to incorporate in your content to become more visible to your clients. Even though you are a contractor, you have to think like a client in this case. What are they likely to type in the Google search box? The keywords you choose must be related to your services.

Create a long list of the words or phrases that clients are likely to look for. For example, they can be “contractor” “affordable contracting services” “best contractors” “contracting company” “contracting business” or even “general contractors”. If you are in a place like New York City, think of combinations such as “best contractors in New York City” or “remodeling contractor near me”

At the same time, do not hesitate to look at those that your competitors are using. Consider using to find them. While you are still looking for the best keywords to use, you can add relevant keyword modifiers to create long-tail keywords, which can also boost your custom contractor SEO strategy.

Optimize Your Current Website Content

Your contracting company may not be appearing at the top of search lists because the content you already have on your existing website is not optimized. Even so, you can reach your clients by optimizing it. Hopefully, you have already identified the high intent keywords to use. Then, go to your homepage as well as business pages and optimize the title tags, Meta descriptions as well as the content. If you think that the latter is not perfect, adjust it a little so that it can be more creative and relevant.

Also, ensure that the customers can access the site within seconds, even when they’re using their phones or tablets. It is also smart to use the most effective SEO strategies to edit the code of your website.

Something else worth your time is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). Research the CRO process and do it on all the elements of your site to improve the user experience you offer. If a customer visits your site and likes it, what will stop them from contacting you via your phone number for a contract service?

Most Contractors Struggle with Generating New Clients...We Fix That!

Since 2009, we have helped many contractors grow strategically. Let us do it for you!

Focus on Link Building Strategies

Backlinks are links to your contractor website from other websites—quality links should be from other quality contractor websites. They are pretty useful when it comes to increasing your online presence and enabling you to get more clients. There are various ways to get backlinks. To begin with, you can guest blog for other websites, even if they are local contractors dealing with products that go hand in hand with yours. You can also visit a few authoritative websites, read their content, and leave a comment where you include a link to your site. Do not just leave it there. If you want potential clients to click on it, you must explain why you think they should check out your site.

As you look for quality backlinks to make your digital marketing efforts more effective, remember that there are low quality backlinks that can cripple the progress of your contractor SEO team. A bad link is one whose source is untrustworthy. In 2012, the Penguin Algorithm was changed, and since then, Google has taken severe measures to ensure that website owners do not use bad backlinks to rank higher in Google search lists.

Instead of letting your contractor website get penalized for low quality backlinks, make an effort to find them, and eliminate them.

Get Reviews

As a contractor (contractor business), you can also use reviews to enhance the visibility of your company in search engines. Whenever you deliver exceptional results, request the client to provide a positive review (ideally on Google My Business) once you complete the project. They can either do it via email or leave a comment on your website. The more reviews you get from happy customers, the higher your site will rank in Google search results.

Reviews will also enable you to get more clients. According to statistics, 85% of potential clients are more inclined to believe a great review from a satisfied customer and even act on it. Every time a customer posts a review, make sure to respond to it regardless of whether it is positive or negative. It might be a bit tiresome, especially if you have lots of them, but it is important for your clients.

This is because your response shows you are ready to engage with your customer even after you have completed a roofing or painting project. The fact that you create time for them makes them feel appreciated. They will keep coming back when they have more projects, and they will even refer their friends and relatives to you.

Develop Local Citations

When you create local citations, the name, phone number, and current address of your contracting business will appear in a local search by an individual who needs your services. You can develop your citations on different social platforms such as Facebook, apps, or even local business directories. To make sure that this SEO effort works out as expected, regularly evaluate the citations to ensure that the data is correct. You don’t want potential customers to call the number provided in a local citation only to discover that it is not working.

Be creative and efficient when creating local citations. Instead of including your business name, address as well as phone number only, why not offer more? For instance, your local citation can have the driving directions to the premises of your contracting company, fax numbers, services offered, images, videos, accepted payment options, business categories, and your closing and opening hours. There is no harm in including links to your social media platforms so that clients can visit your pages to find out more about your contracting services.

To ensure that your potential customers do not get disappointed when they visit your Facebook page, for instance, optimize the content you have posted there.

Tracking the Results

By tracking the results of your efforts, you can know whether going through the SEO strategy creation process was worth it or not. Google Analytics is incredibly useful when it comes to tracking your website visitors. You can also view the traffic that each of your website pages attracted and identify those that performed better than others. Also, observe your site’s traffic trends.

While you track the results of your SEO campaign, check the Google rankings of your pages at least monthly. Use reliable tools such as Google Search Console, Google Trends, or SEMrush to do it to ensure that you get accurate results. If you don’t like the results you get, come up with efficient ways to improve your rankings and get more traffic.

There is little doubt that SEO is an excellent source for your contracting business, and they can help you get more customers who will have a great user experience. With them, your company is bound to appear on people’s search engine result pages, and this means more hires and profits. Besides, if you use the right SEO tactics, you will become more popular and credible as a contractor in your local area.

If you have never created a contractor SEO strategy, seek the help of an SEO company to guide you, and help you acquire the desired results.

Most Contractors Struggle with Generating New Clients...We Fix That!

Since 2009, we have helped many contractors grow strategically. Let us do it for you!

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