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The Best 10 Slack Communities for Digital Marketers

At this point, just about everyone knows what Slack is. In case you don’t, Slack is a super tool and champion of office communication. It brings all the communication (chatting, office-wide announcements, document sharing, polls, etc.) of your office into one seamless and easy to use interface, and serves as a productivity product.

Moreover, it serves as a collaboration product by creating communities and channels for like-minded individuals. While Slack is used by entire organizations and offices, the broader Slack communities bring people from all over the world together by organizing them around a single topic.

What do Slack Communities have to offer?

A lot, really. In Slack communities, you can learn, network, and even bounce ideas of other people in similar fields. This is especially helpful for marketers, influencers, and online pioneers, because the collaborative nature of Slack helps you find what and who you’re looking for in half the time. Plus, users and community members can respond and react immediately.

If you’re a digital marketer using Slack, try checking out these communities. If nothing else, you’ll learn something and make some new connections in the process.

  1. Online Geniuses

Right now, Online Geniuses is one of the biggest marketing Slack communities (over 2,000 members). Members network and talk about all things SEO and digital marketing related, from small niches to powerhouse PPC experts.

  1. Inbound.org

As you can probably put together by the name, this community focuses on inbound marketing topics and practices. Conversations bloom around SEO, content strategy, linking, and other trends relevant to inbound marketing.

  1. Conversion World

This community is all about getting to, driving, and encouraging conversions. The conversations in Conversion World tend to be data-driven and analytics-backed, so bring your top geek game to join in on the discussion.

  1. Marketers Chat

Marketers Chat brings together marketing professionals across a broad range of disciplines, including mobile marketing, PPC, SEO, bloggers, and more. It’s a diverse community in which you can expect recommendations for tools, tips and tricks of the trade, and to make connections with affiliate marketers.

  1. Designer Hangout

User experience is a fast moving and integral part of how marketers are able to relay their message to their audiences. The members of the UX Guide Slack community understand that, and pull together UX designers, researchers, and professionals from all over the world to discuss the latest and greatest in UX. The slack channels within the community are localized, so you can speak with UX innovators near you.

  1. Buffer

Buffer is a community of marketers who mostly work with social media platforms and campaigns. It’s a good community to find resources, get feedback or encouragement, and connect with other social marketers.

  1. Growmance

Members of the Growmance community are quick to feedback and participate in open discussions about growth marketing. It’s easy to insert yourself into conversations in this community, and you can gain valuable insights and connections from other members.

  1. SaaS Community

This community is specific to the software as a service community, specifically founders and practicing professionals. In it, members exchange knowledge and experiences, as well as ideas and best practices for SaaS development.

  1. Backlinks

If you’re trying to grow as a blogger or online networker/influencer, this Slack community is probably the most helpful. Members are all looking for similar things in terms of creating valuable professional connections and growing backlink profiles in an effective, meaningful way.

  1. Grey Fedora

It’s a small Slack community, but one in which you’re likely to learn something new. A self-proclaimed community of “hustlers, hackers, and hipsters aiming to connect and reach their ultimate goals,” you can expect nothing less than some marketing inspiration from the musings and conversations that take place.  

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