SEO EBooks to Download for a Little Extra Motivation

For some people the best way to learn about a new topic or advance their learning is by sitting down and reading some for a few hours. You get it out of the way and you don’t necessarily have to stare at your computer for hours or spend hours researching different blog posts. Having everything in one place can be beneficial, which is why EBooks are such a great option.

If you’re looking for a different content format to read this year, there are lots of free EBooks about SEO that you can download (although with many paid options). You sometimes have to give your email address to the author of the EBook or subscribe to a blog, but the benefits are definitely worth it in the end.

Top 10 SEO EBook Options to Download This Year

Below are some of the most popular and relevant EBooks if you’re hoping to take your SEO efforts to the next level this year:

Content for Profits. This EBook is by Tone, a leader in the SEO industry when it comes to EBooks. Many companies are spending this year reevaluating their content strategy, so this is a good EBook to kick off some ideas. You not only want your content to be engaging, but you also want it to help your bottom line—profits.

8 Auctionable On-Site Optimization Techniques to Boost Your SEO. This is all about improving your website with SEO in mind. SEO starts with on-page optimization and a solid website, so this may be a good EBook to read first before moving on to more off-page techniques. Some of the tips in this book include title tag information, internal linking benefits, and navigation tips.

How to Build Backlinks in 2014 (That Actually Work). This is one of the most important EBooks out there in my opinion. The EBook is from GotchSEO and covers a topic that saw a lot of changes last year. The way we build links and the reason for building links is totally different now than it was in the past, so this is an important topic. Understand more about the Google algorithms and how to react to updates here.

SEO Experts Reveal the Truth about Marketing.This is a cool EBook from SalesForce because it offers something different than most EBooks—a lot of interviews. Experts can draw on their own experiences and really give you advice that comes from real-world examples, so it’s a cool take on SEO. The book is split up into chapters nicely and is definitely one to check out even though it’s a little bit older.

SEO Now. This EBook by Linkdex is one of the most popular EBooks on SEO because it offers nearly 350 pages full of expert advice and detailed information. Although the EBook was created in 2014, the information is still accurate and will transfer over well into the new year, so it’s a good read if you want to sit down and get a good view of SEO all at once.

17 SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind in 2014. HubSpot is known to be one of the best creators of EBooks in the SEO field, and this one (their latest addition) does not disappoint. SEO is full of myths, so the sooner you can learn what some of them are and then leave them behind, the better.

Design Across Devices. Once again, this EBook is very topical for 2015 because this will be the year that different types of devices are really taken into consideration. The EBook will talk about how you can design across devices—PCs and laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.—and help you walk through the steps to success.

Content SEO. This is the second ever EBook from Yoast and offers a cool style filled with illustrations to help make their points. The book has three sections, Keyword Strategy, Site Structure, and Content Writing, and is only $14, which is a steal for something from Yoast!

How to Create Compelling Content That Ranks Well in Search Engines. This is an EBook from copyblogger and it is pretty self-explanatory. If you want to focus on content and nothing else at the moment, this will help you learn how to do it while still worrying about SEO. It’s to the point and easy to understand, so it’s one of my favorites.

Extra: Ebook Templates from HubSpot. So this last one is cheating a little bit because it’s not actually an EBook about SEO, but HubSpot offers some excellent EBook templates if you’re thinking about writing your own. Once you’ve read a good number of EBooks and have your SEO under control, it might be time to share your expertise in your own EBook and get in on the EBook phenomenon.

For a list of even more EBooks as well as other alternative forms of content (such as Google Docs and whitepapers) visit this article from SEO Agency or this article from HongKiat.

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