Review 50,000 Keywords in Bing Ads: What This Means to You

Lately it’s been Google making all the changes, but the world’s third largest search engine Bing has recently added the option for marketers and advertisers to view up to 50,000 keywords in Bing Ads. In the past, advertisers would have to narrow down their keyword search to a more specific ad group if they had more than 5,000 keywords. This was one of the most annoying things that advertisers made known to Bing, so it’s no surprise that the change was coming.

In Bing’s official announcement they included the following screenshot to show how it looks when you have 50,000 keywords as options:


You can see this many keywords in the Keywords Tab at the Account and Campaign level as well as the Ad Group level. You can also choose the number of rows you want to see so that you don’t have to display all 50,000 keywords at once (thankfully).

Advertisers also wanted Bing Ads user interface to be faster, which is something else that they put in place. Bing said that even with this many thousands of keywords, they should be generated to you almost immediately.

A Quick Reminder: Getting Started with Bing Ads and Finding the Keywords Tab

Of course if you want to utilize the new 50,000 keyword feature above, you have to understand how Bing works and be able to find the keyword tab. If haven’t bothered with this search engine just yet, now might be a great time to get started. I don’t anticipate Google going anywhere anytime soon, but Bing can offer you data that might be able to help your Google strategy, not to mention the search engine does have 300 million unique visitors each month.

To get started with Bing Ads, simply follow these few steps:

  1. Visit this link and take a look around. They have quite a few options if you’re new to search or if you would like to simply input your AdWords information.
  2. Click “Sign up for Bing Ads.”
  3. Sign in to your account and get started.
  4. Once you fill in all of your information, you’ll be able to see all of your different options. Click the “Keyword Tab” to find up to 50,000 keywords.

Of course, the options you have with Bing Ads extend far beyond just these four simple steps. You can read this article for more detailed information on the benefits of Bing ads, why this search engine matters to marketers (as well as to consumers), and how it all works.

What It Means to You

Although this is particularly good news for very larger companies and advertisers, the new option is still great for smaller companies because they have improved the speed of their interface. It seems that Bing will be adding more advancements to their interface over the remainder of the year according to the announcement, so keep checking back!

Were you affected by this change from Bing? Are you a company that loves using Bing data and advance over Google? Let us know your story in the comment section below.

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