International SEO: Does Hosting and IP Address Matter?


Many people wonder if international SEO hosting and IP addresses really matter when it comes to SERPs. While Google has, as usual, remained tight lipped about this matter, many SEO experts have taken the initiative to try this out. What they found out just might surprise you.

It’s no secret that Google and other search engines have international versions of their website. There’s,, and so on. Each one is meant for a different country. Also, when you search for the same term on each version of Google, you will normally get different results, even though it’s the same keyword.

One reason for this is because search engines use a lot of different factors in determining who gets that first spot, and what websites trail behind it. It turns out that international hosting and IP addresses actually have some weight on your searches. This factor is able to change how well your website ranks, but how can you use it to your advantage?

If you are advertising internationally, it is always best to host your website in that country. Search engines look for local results, especially with geo-targeted keywords, but normal keywords as well get a boost from this. While you can still rank highly with a website hosted elsewhere, you need every boost you can get if your keyword is competitive. So, just how much does this help?

It matters what the keyword is. If the keyword is geo-targeted, like “cricket bat in Jersey” then it is going to matter a lot. Not only because it will look natural for the search engines, but this will reduce any confusion, as this keyword can also be about New Jersey in America, and an American domain will most likely mean this.

However, when it comes to general keywords, the boost is not quite as much. It has been shown to help, but it doesn’t quite give you the rocket boost you get when targeting geocentric keywords.

When you are doing your SEO work, don’t forget to choose your web host strategically. Choosing the wrong host can put you perpetually several spots away from real profits. Always try to choose a hosting service that is located in your targeted country, and you will should see positive benefits from doing so.

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