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Considering AdWords? These 5 Reasons Will Make You Want to Start Now

As a search marketing agency, a lot of our clients come to us seeking paid search services. Many clients want these services firstly because they know or have heard that it works, and secondly because there’s a “product” they can actually see (as opposed to SEO practices, which take time and can’t always be seen right away). But what many people also fail to realize is that, like SEO, paid search campaigns require a little bit of faith upfront, a monetary investment, and patience.

All too often, we encounter clients who want to take their budget and target everything they possibly can in AdWords. This approach can be problematic, because clients can easily end up stretching their budget too thin to get any real results. Contrary to the widely held belief that effective use of AdWords means targeting everything possible, you can get significant results by being strategic. It’s all about knowing what to do with what you have to strategically get the best results possible for your business. If you’re still not so sure, here are 5 reasons that AdWords is worth it.

  1. Everything is Trackable

You can be sure that you’re never wasting a dime on AdWords, because everything is trackable and measurable. Clicks, impressions, conversions, time spent on ad, form submissions, calls from websites, calls from ads-you name it, they track it. As is true with SEO, tracking and interpreting data is a huge piece of the puzzle. Through a paid search campaign, you not only put yourself on the map online, but gain a lot of valuable information about what your customers are responding to. This can help your SEO strategy down the line, because you’ll already know which keywords draw the most conversions from your AdWords targeting.

  1. Granular Targeting

This is great for businesses only interested in targeting customers in a specific area. Through AdWords, you can target as granularly as zip codes and demographics. While other SEO practices can also be localized, none get quite as targeted as is possible through AdWords. By using this feature, you can focus in on the area you want to target to make sure you’re seen by people who will actually be able to visit your store. This is important, because many mobile users (which we now know represent the majority of internet traffic) are searching for local businesses on their phones or mobile devices. AdWords will help you cash in on that traffic and focus on getting people in the area into your business.

  1. There’s More to Gain Than Just Clicks & Traffic

Yes, AdWords can be expensive if you want it to be, but something to keep in mind is that you’re only paying for ads that people click on. You gain much more from AdWords than just clicks and traffic. Through targeting specific keywords, you can find out exactly which words drive the most conversions for your business. You’ll also gain a clear picture of who is and is not part of your target audience. Both of these gains are important, because they shed light on how you should optimize and to whom you should optimize for when you expand into other SEO strategies.

Try not to think of it as gaining clicks and traffic, but rather as gaining insights, knowledge about user behavior, and learning more about your market.

  1. You’ll See Results Fast

More traditional SEO strategies take time before you really start reaping the benefits, but with a PPC campaign you’ll start getting results instantly. Campaigns and their start rolling in as soon as a campaign goes live, giving you an accumulation of data and traffic information that you can later use to accelerate other SEO strategies. As soon as you or your PPC specialist put together a campaign, you’ll see what it looks like across multiple devices, the keywords you’re targeting, and everything else pertaining to your ads.

  1. It Gives You More Control

What most people like the most about AdWords is the amount of control they have. You can control how much money you’re spending, turn campaigns on and off, and customize every component of your campaign. Compared to other digital marketing and SEO practices, the user/marketer has more control and flexibility to adjust their efforts on an as-needed basis.

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