3 Ways to Get the Most from Your Successful Content

Creating exceptional, amazing, out of this world content can be pretty challenging. Even when you try to pick up on patterns of what users do/do not engage with, it can still be difficult to know what will take off and become a highly successful piece of content. That’s why it’s so important to get as much reach and value as you can out of your top performing content.

You can give your highest performing content new life by recycling, revamping, and/or updating it, resulting in a longer shelf life for your best content. This is great, firstly because it’ll have a positive impact on your SEO. Since Google loves fresh content, spinning material that already exists into something new will only have positive effects. Another perk is that it’s likely to increase engagement and impact among your users, because you’re capitalizing on something you know has previously performed well. Plus, it helps put ideas and topics back into your content marketing strategy, keeping your calendar stocked. Here are few ways you can get more out of your most successful content.

  1. Republish successful content on different platforms.

Posting all your articles on your WordPress blog and sharing them across your social media channels is a given, but you can also post in other places. My two favorites are Medium and LinkedIn, because they have huge built-in audiences, which holds potential for a lot more views, shares, and engagements. By reposting your top content on such platforms, you create more trails leading back to your website while also opening up doors for a bigger audience.

  1. Recycle, revamp, and update your top content.

A few tweaks here and there can make your content that’s performed the best new and relevant all over again. Start by taking a look at the traffic and analytics of your blog posts, and identify your most successful pieces. Then, see if there are things you can add and/or replace to update the post, like new information, pictures/graphics/visuals of any kind, case studies, statistics, etc. Once you’ve recycled and updated it, you can repost it under the same URL as the same article, but new and improved.

  1. Spin new ideas out of old content.

One of the best ways to get more out of your content is by squeezing new ideas out of your top performing content. Let’s say, for example, that you had a really technical, data-heavy article that did pretty well. To extend the shelf life of that content, you could create a simplified infographic that gives a visual representation of the same material. Or, if you had a popular and trendy topic that people seemed to really latch onto, you could try and turn it into the subject of a podcast or Facebook live video. You can play around with different content forms and using your most engaging content to identify future topics and create a winning content strategy in the process.

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