The Content Strategy Many Blogs Overlook

Business blogs can be a lot of work to maintain, especially if you’re focused on producing quality information your readers can use. But you might just be sitting on a gold mine of content creation that could help populate your blog with useful and relevant content. I’m talking about putting content in the hands of your employees, and this is why.

Your employees know the ins and outs of your business and have the experience and insight necessary to share their ideas, tips, tricks, and lessons they’ve learned along the way. At most businesses, there are employees who run the same operations or services every day, making them an expert in their field. As a blog manager or business owner, you can capitalize on that experience by enlisting the content efforts of those employees and produce even more content than you already had planned. Here are a few tips to help get you started.

1. Incentivize content creation.

I would love to say that employees will happily write a blog post or produce content in addition to their other daily tasks for free, but that’s unlikely. But a great way to get the ball rolling on this content strategy is to incentivize the creation process. Adding an extra perk, such as a cash bonus, extra time off, or a free lunch can prompt employees to chase the reward. More often than not, your employees will already have something they want to say, and giving them the extra incentive can do the trick.

2.  Embrace unique content.

You really can’t encourage employees to contribute to the business blog and then tell me what they’ve created isn’t the right kind of content. Instead, play to the strengths of your employees by embracing and tailoring what they have to offer to fit onto your blog. Not all blog posts have to be an article. They could be images, videos, graphics, white papers, Q&A, etc. Every employee will have something different to offer, so give an open set of guidelines and work with them.

3. Showcase their work.

Everyone wants to add to their personal brand, even if it’s in a way as simple as adding a skill to their LinkedIn profile. Showing your employees how this can benefit their professional experience and build their portfolio will help motivate them to put that extra effort into creating a piece of content. And, as a business owner, you can (and probably should) offer to link to their online profiles to boost their own personal traffic.


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