A Guide to Writing Content for SEO

When you are writing on the Internet, there is a certain amount of attention that has to be paid to SEO. You want your content to be optimized for search engines while still remaining natural to your reader. This is a balancing act for sure, but it can be done smoothly.

Keyword Analysis: When writing SEO content, you should first perform some keyword analysis to determine what keywords or other relevant keyword strings you want to optimize for. For example, if you decide that “sports” is going to be a keyword, it should appear at least once every 100 words or so. If you don’t determine this as a keyword, you might be missing out on a targeted piece that addresses your needs. Word strings are the words that surround the keyword that people might be searching for. If your keyword was “sports”, a string might be “why do we play sports” or “why sports are so popular in America.”

Don’t Keyword Stuff: They key is to make your content flow naturally without overusing the same keyword over and over again just to have it appear. Google’s web crawlers can analyze content and identify keyword stuffed, spammy content.  Obviously this will not help you to achieve high rankings.

Include Links: Link to other articles or content that you have produced. This will increase internal link flow and help provide link juice to content deep within your site. Make sure that the links are relevant and the anchor text is clear and does not mislead your readers.

 Make it Valuable and Unique: Probably the most important piece of writing SEO content is to first make sure it is unique and that it hasn’t been copied from another source. You definitely want to avoid any duplicate content issues, as that too can get you penalized from the search engines. Lastly, any time you write content, you want to try and make it as compelling and valuable for those reading it as possible. The reason for this is that it will naturally create links because you are providing the reader something helpful. Often times if it is helpful, they will want to share that with others.

When it comes to writing your content for SEO purposes, you should keep in mind those simple tips. It will allow you to write content that comes off as natural and does not look like spam. Your content will attract a larger audience, which can help attract more visitors and backlinks to your site.


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