Content Refresher: 3 Simple Steps to Get More From Your Blog Posts

As any blogger knows, it can be really frustrating to put your time and energy into creating a blog post only to have so little come from it. Though it’s unlikely that every post will become an overnight success, it’s not unreasonable to hope that something, if even just a follow or share, will come from the articles you write and produce.

On this blog, we’ve covered a lot of different hacks and best practices for writing, topic inspiration, and extending the shelf life of your posts-all things that ultimately facilitate better performance. But if you’re looking to make some small changes today that can help improve the day-to-day performance of your blog posts, then these five simple tips can work for you.

Easy Solutions to Get More Out of Your Blog Posts

  1. Use An Editing Tool

Just by simply using an editing tool, you can clean up your writing and make it more readable. This might sound too simple and obvious to really carry any weight in terms of getting more from your blog posts, but it can actually be the difference in whether or not users continue to read your posts at all. Writing concise yet compelling copy or articles is something that’s important to any industry. Juggling a content calendar with new topics ideas alongside your workflow is a lot going on at once, so it’s easy to understand how attention to the fluidity and function of your writing can fall by the wayside.

An editing tool can not only help clean up grammatical errors and typos but may also help with wording and structure. My personal favorite editing tool is Grammarly, firstly because it’s free and secondly because it polishes writing as efficiently as peer feedback.

  1. Make a Social Sharing Plan

I don’t just mean your cut and dry social sharing that has you share once every week on Twitter, once every month on Facebook, and so on. Different content requires different sharing techniques, and sometimes over-automating that process can be detrimental to how successful your post is. When you feel like you have a really great blog post that’s more useful or stands above the others, try coming up with a social sharing plan that works just for that piece of content.

This could mean a handful of different things depending on exactly what kind of post you’re sharing. For example, if you have a seasonal post that’s related to a holiday or certain time of year, you wouldn’t use the same sharing template you do for all of your other day-to-day posts. Spending a little more time on your social sharing plan for top pieces of content can drastically improve the way it performs.

  1. Create Content Around Conversations

Generating topics and content around active conversations within your industry is a great way to get more out of your work. There always seems to be some kind of buzz and chatter circulating within industries on platforms like Twitter or Reddit. In addition to participating in such conversions, try sourcing blog post ideas from them for later use. That way, when you participate in conversations online that are relevant to your work, you can reference posts you’ve written on the subject.

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