The first week in December marks the need to get ready for the New Year. Whether your business slows down or speeds up during the holidays, the New Year is coming and people are expecting bigger and better things from their favorite businesses. If the consumers weren’t enough to get you thinking about 2013, think about your competition. Most companies will look back at the last year, analyze their mistakes and their successes, and create an improved strategy. It’s important your company do the same.

One of the things that will be important this upcoming year will be author rank. For those who are unfamiliar, author rank is a way for Google to rank the quality of particular authors. This only helps increase relevancy for users, so it’s quite clear that Google will put a larger emphasis on Author Rank in 2013. So how to begin to build an Author Rank? It’s easy, and you may already have started without even realizing it.

How to Begin Building an Author Rank

Building an Author Rank doesn’t have to be difficult, but it is a task that takes time and is something you have to understand before you can really get going. Below are a few different ways you can begin to build your author rank:

  1. Google Authorship Markup. This is probably the most important thing an author can do to help gain a good ranking and gain more exposure. Authorship markup is a way for you to connect you writing with your Google+ profile. All you need to do is: Set your Google+ posts to public à Go to “Contributor To” under the “About” section of your profile à link your sites by adding them to this section, and you’re finished! Eventually the results for your content will look like this on a Google SERP:
  2. Google+ Sharing. Google is going to take into account how active you are on Google+ because this helps improve the popularity of your content. This means that you should always share all of your content and include every site you contribute to in your “contributor to” section. I myself have been slacking in this department, but 2013 is certainly the year to make it happen. Also make sure that you’re actively looking to connect with those in your industry and using Google ripples to get your content shared.
  3. Google+ Connection. If Google understands your connections it will help them improve the relevancy of your Google results. This makes it incredibly important that you’re not only adding people to your circles, but that others are doing the same to you.  The New Year will be all about connections and what you decided was relevant to you, so getting started now is vital!
  4. Google+ Activity. Not only do you want to share your own content, but you will want to share the content of others. Make sure you’re always out +1ing content you like and commenting on your connections. This will show Google that you’re actually social and helping your connections.
  5. Other Networks. Although Author Rank relies heavily (very heavily) on Google+, having a presence on other social networks is still important. Your Author Rank should encompass everything about the author and all of his/her interactions, and Facebook and Twitter are a part of that.
  6. Great Content. Although obvious, it never hurts to mention the importance of great content. If you want a good Author Rank, you’re going to need people helping you, and that simply won’t happen if you’re not creating meaningful content for your readers.

If you own a website or a company website and you’re not the primary writer, it is still important the those who do write content on your website begin to build up his/her author rank. This is great for the author, but it also helps this content to show up at the top of a Google search. It’s essentially a win-win.