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How to Get Started with Lead Generation on SlideShare

SlideShare is at it again, this time with a new way to generate leads and keep track. Because SlideShare has such a large audience, it offers huge potential for marketers and small businesses looking to grow their companies. You always have to make sure you’re producing quality content, but once you have enough great content out there sometimes you need a little push. Just as with paid search, paid lead generation can be a quick way to get the ball rolling with SlideShare before it starts to happen organically.

How the New Paid Lead Generation System Works and Why It Matters

Capturing leads in any capacity is always a good thing for marketers, but the reasons why will differ depending on your approach. For some companies, it comes down to picking and choosing the platforms and approaches you want to take to capture leads (oftentimes this comes down to finances). The official SlideShare lead generation page offers three reasons for why they are a good and unique place to capture leads:

  • Amplified Reach. SlideShare has over 70 million users each month, so it’s a great option for distributing content and finding new audiences fast.
  • Over 70% of SlideShare traffic comes from targeted search, so the leads you’ll earn will be relevant.
  • More Lead Collection Channels. SlideShare collects leads via mobile as well as embed traffic.
  • Actionable Results. Integration with Marketo and HubSpot ensure actionable leads, meaning you can connect your accounts to manage all of the leads you collect on SlideShare seamlessly.
  • Higher Quality Data. LinkedIn AutoFill will help maximize your lead form conversions and give you better data because users can fill-out lead forms easily with their LinkedIn profile information.

As discussed above, in the past the way to improve your lead generation was to improve your presentations with links, correct categories, keywords in your description, etc.—all of your “normal” optimization stuff. However, the tables have turned now that SlideShare launched their new Lead Generation platform.

The new tool will allow marketers to identify key consumers of their content and then connect with that audience. Because SlideShare has such a large readership (they are currently one of the top 100 most visited websites in the world), this new tool will aim to turn a business’s specific readers into “higher quality prospects,” according to the official announcement.

How to Get Started with Lead Generation on SlideShare

The new “tool” actually works by helping you create a lead-form and then publish that form. It was introduced July 21 of this year and is easy to get started with only three steps:

Step #1: Choose an Upload

When you visit your SlideShare account, click “Collect Leads” in your navigation bar. Choose the presentation you want to work with by looking in your “My Uploads” section or upload a new presentation to work with. As you can see, I only have one presentation uploaded on this account:


Step #2: Create a Lead Form

A screen will pop-up that allows you to input an introduction and description, information you want from your readers (address, name, email, etc.), where you want your lead form to be placed and when you want it to show up, and setup your campaign budget. You also have the option for geographic targeting and custom questions.


The placement of your lead form gets special attention because it will impact your number of leads and quality. If you put the form when the viewer reaches the last slide, your leads will be higher quality but probably less in quantity. The same goes for if you decide to have the lead form show up after someone has downloaded the presentation. If your form is placed in the middle of a presentation, you may get a higher quantity but those readers won’t necessarily make it to the end of your presentation. It’s up to you what types and kinds of leads you want, which will determine the placement of your form.

Step #3: Preview and Publish (and then review your leads)

This step is pretty self-explanatory. You get an overview of your lead form and hit publish and you’re set. Below shows what the review page looks like. Remember, the small description you see on the right hand side is something that you can customize (that is the default description you’re seeing):


After your form has been published is where things get interesting because you can view your leads and start to integrate them with HubSpot or Marketo. You can do this by visiting your Account Settings selecting Marketing Automation and have them sync to a Marketing Automation tool (HubSpot or Marketo) by logging into your account.


According to a TechCrunch interview with Caroline Gaffney, the head of product for SlideShare, while lead generation is the first paid product SlideShare is offering, there will be “a lot more in the next six months, with lead-gen laying the foundation.” Also keep in mind that even if you embed your presentation on social media or somewhere else on the web, your lead form will remain intact. This is a big deal for SlideShare and opens up a lot of possibilities for small businesses, so the sooner you can get started the better. Remember, they have 70 million monthly users. Don’t miss out!

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