Google Tools You Never Knew Existed

Sometimes the best way to improve your SEO and your online marketing strategy has already been made easy for you through a Google tool. Unfortunately, not every Google tool is highly publicized, and after a while many of these can slip through the cracks. Nevertheless, it’s important to know all of your options so your competitors don’t have the edge, and Google tools are always significant.

Below are some of the Google tools that aren’t talked about much but can still be beneficial, even in today’s fickle online marketing world:

Google Ngram Viewer

It seems that this tool is advertised as something more fun than useful for small businesses, but if used the right way it can be an excellent way to search for keyword trends. The tool will let you search keywords in millions of books from nearly half a millennium, so people tend to find it fun to search what was trending back in the Victorian Times (in books, of course).

However, you can search for particular keywords as specific parts of speech to help find trends over time, which can be useful for some small businesses. For example, if you expect there to be a shift back to a style that was popular in the 70s, you can start researching those keywords quite easily. Remember, though, that these are keyword trends from books as opposed to online, so only some companies may find this useful.


Google Correlate

This is a really cool tool that we covered extensively in a past article here. Google Correlate allows you to type in your target keyword and then get back a list of queries whose data follows the pattern of that keyword. In other words, it’s an excellent way to see how other terms’ data correlates to the term you’re analyzing in both location and time. You can upload your own data as well to further your keyword research. For example, if you type in “gingerbread” you will see that there is a higher spike in December, and other terms such as “wine opener” and “appetizer” follow the same trend.


Google Public Data Explorer

This might be one you’ve heard of but maybe haven’t bothered to use or research. Google Public Data Explorer allows you to search through databases from around the world and then make graphs explaining that information. This is probably a tool that is most useful to educational, health, or government organizations, but if you do a lot of international business and are interested in something public records can offer, this can be another great way to understand your audience.


Full Value of Mobile

This is a resource devoted completely to mobile tools, but probably the coolest tool is the mobile calculator. The calculator allows you to manually upload data or sync your AdWords so you can see exactly how much money you’re making (and spending) by having a mobile website. You can also view a summary of the data (see the button in the screenshot below) to analyze these numbers in comparison to other data if you’re interested.


Google Keep

This is a fairly newer tool that will connect to your Google Drive and help you keep notes, images, voice messages, and more better organized. It will sync across all of your devices and works like an app, so it’s easy to use. This isn’t necessarily a tool for small business owners specifically, but who couldn’t use more organization? With all of the Google resources and projects many have happening, using a Google organization is a smart option. In the screenshot below, I have added two notes, but left some of the notes that Google has for the introduction:


Of course, many of these tools will make more sense when you actually try them out on your own with your own data. Play around with them and I think you’ll find they’re very simply to use and can open up a lot of creative possibilities for many companies. Once you do, let us know about your experience in the comment section below.

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