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The Easiest Ways to Increase Followers to Your LinkedIn Page

In 2015, LinkedIn beat Facebook as the most important social platform for B2B marketers. It continues to be a platform of increasing importance, not only for businesses, but for individuals of every professional and creative discipline. What separates platforms like Facebook and Twitter from LinkedIn is mainly utility and purpose. LinkedIn, for the most part, remains free of the political rants, personal posts, and “fluff” content that populates other platforms. As a result, LinkedIn users tend to pay closer attention and place a higher value to the content they come across, making it a gold mine for lead generation, audience expansion, and recruiting. Capitalizing on the success of LinkedIn should not only be an integral part of your company’s marketing strategy, but an ongoing effort that emphasizes relationship as a means of driving revenue. Here are some easy-and free-starting points to increasing the following of your company’s LinkedIn page and building profitable relationships.

Ask employees to add your company page as their work place.

Most employees will do this on their own, but it doesn’t hurt to send a friendly reminder. Having your employees cite your company page as their work place is an effortless way to gain brand exposure. Everyone who clicks on their personal LinkedIn page or sees what they like, share, comment, or publish on LinkedIn will see a representation of your company page.

Add a LinkedIn follow company plugin on your website.

By adding a LinkedIn plugin to your web page, you can prompt site visitors to further explore your company through your company page on LinkedIn. It’s an undemanding, non-sales-y way to encourage consumers to learn more about your company on a platform they’re (probably) already familiar with.

Target groups and follow similar businesses.

To assert yourself as an industry authority on the LinkedIn platform, you have to make your brand present and active among users and other businesses. Start by following businesses that are similar to yours. By sharing, commenting on, or engaging with the content they produce, you’ll likely earn a follow back that can broaden your consumer reach. A great way to make such connections is by joining and actively participating in industry-related groups. Participate in discussions, offer solutions and help group members solve problems, and work on building a trustworthy, helpful reputation among users.

Engage with the connections you already have.

Part of building that living reputation among users means interacting with the network you already have. The size of your network will mean very little on LinkedIn if you’re not contributing and engaging with others. Comment, share, and discuss the posts people in your network are talking about. In doing so, you’ll feed a network of quality that’s much more likely to bring you useful connections and promising leads.

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