Building Authority

In the early days of link building, unscrupulous webmasters used “link farms” to increase their inbound links in a fast and easy way. Today, no one expects such a shady tactic to work -- it’s a known fact that quality matters. If you can get websites with authority to link to your site, that’s gold -- not just from an SEO standpoint, but as a source of quality traffic as well. That’s why any link building service must focus on link authority.

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Link Relevancy

Not only must your links come from websites that are well-respected and have authority, but they must also come from sites that are relevant to your industry. Any SEO provider that gets you backlinks from a well-known website that has absolutely nothing to do with your industry is simply not getting the job done.

Detailed Reporting

At HigherVisibility, we want you to know what you’re getting for your investment with us. That’s why we send monthly link building reports to let you know what links we’ve generated for your site and how your campaign is going.We’re proud of the high quality of the work we do and the results we get for our clients. Contact HigherVisibility today to discuss your link building needs.