Why Your Website Needs an SEO Audit Regularly

Completing an SEO audit of your website sometimes seems to have incredible similarities to going to the doctor. You definitely know what it is, you know you’re supposed to go, you sort of know how to make it happen, but you’re definitely not going to go regularly. Honestly in this day and age, who has time for that?

When things are moving so fast and you have new initiatives rolling out in your company, new staff to train, a few unhappy customers to deal with, whatever the case may be, an SEO audit is bound to get pushed to the side. What small businesses are missing is the message that an SEO audit needs to be performed regularly in order for long-term success. It’s the “why” that is lacking in the minds of small business owners, and it’s causing some unfortunate consequences.

Top Reasons Why You Should Perform an SEO Audit Regularly

For those who are unfamiliar, an SEO audit works like a check-up on your site. You go through your current SEO strategies and look at your results and data to see what is working and what might need to be fixed.

Below are reasons why an audit needs to be completed regularly:

  • Algorithm updates are constantly occurring, which changes the things that you need to rank well on a SERP. Things you may have done in the past could be hurting your website after an update. Just this year alone there have been 14 updates.
  • Webmaster Guidelines are also constantly changing, so you have to make sure you are compliant.
  • Outdated content is something that so many sites ignore, but it can make your site look outdated as a whole. If people aren’t visiting particular pages, get rid of them to keep your website fresh. Content can become outdated in less than 6 months, so even this point illustrates the need for a regular check.
  • Website errors including broken links and faulty pages can cause you to lose traffic. If you can find those errors you can eliminate all of those loses and prove to people that your website is high quality. These errors occur more frequently than many realize.
  • Evaluating your link profile is incredibly important to check regularly because this will change everyday. Check the links on your site as well as the links pointing back to your site and make sure you’re not associated with any poor quality sites.
  • It serves as a marker for when things were going right or things were improved. If you run into a problem in the future, you can think back to your last audit and eliminate the cause of the problem to anything after that audit. If you haven’t done an audit in 5 years, fixing that problem is going to be much more difficult.

So what exactly does “regularly” mean? Once every six months is usually a good rule of thumb to stay on top of your SEO and remain productive without letting these audits take over all of your time. You can hire a company or a person to complete an SEO audit for you or you can choose to do it on your own (more on this in the next section).

Other SEO Audit Advice from Higher Visibility

Aside from just the “why” of SEO audits, you have to understand different ways to go about successfully completing an audit as well as other uses for SEO audits. Below are a few other articles from our blog that dig a little bit deeper into making it happen:

Best Tools to Perform a SEO Audit. If you want to perform an SEO audit on your own, it helps to have a few tools to guide you and make sure everything is done right. Some of the tools discussed include Open Site Explorer, Website Auditor, and Alexa Site Audit.

How to Evaluate the SEO of a Potential Website Acquisition. This isn’t necessarily about auditing your own website, but it’s important to understand how to audit another website’s SEO in case you’re looking to buy. Even if your not, these tactics can still work on your own site when it comes time.

What to Look for When Completing a SEO Analysis. It can be tough to know exactly what to look for when completing your own audit, and if you don’t know what to look for then you could miss something you really need to change the most.

If you’ve performed an SEO audit recently, let us know what you may have found that surprised you. Would keeping up with regular audits have been helpful?

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