Why You Shouldn’t Trust Guaranteed SEO Services

There should be zero guarantees when it comes to SEO; it’s a simple fact. Unfortunately, many people just don’t seem to want to believe it. Many aspects of business can offer guarantees—paid search results, completing tasks and projects—so it’s easy to feel frustrated when you hear that SEO is different. For this reason, many people fall for the many SEO scams and false SEO services that called themselves “guaranteed.” These scammers know that this is what businesses and startup companies want and expect to hear, so many startup companies still continue to fall for the act and these false SEO services remain in business. If your company chooses to trust a “guaranteed” SEO service, several thinks will happen:

  • It takes a long time to see SEO results, so you could potentially be paying a company for a long while before you realize that they are running a scam.
  • If you don’t have a good basic understanding of SEO, this type of service could trick you into believing that things are going well because there are always certain searches that will bring your website to page one (if I typed in Higher Visibility, it should turn up as number one on a SERP! There are likely hundreds of strange keywords that someone can use to put your site on page one).
  • Your site would be losing a significant amount of time to actually try and rank your website. Time is extremely important when it comes to SEO, so this could truly set you back.

Google has actually stated here that no one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google. Doing so will clearly put your company in trouble, yet many still continue to be blinded by the “guarantee.” It’s therefore important that your company and employees understand why guaranteed SEO services cannot be trusted.

Why SEO Results Can Never Be Guaranteed

Below are three reasons that explain why any type of SEO results cannot be guaranteed by a company:

1. No SEO service knows the algorithm used to rank websites on SERPs.

It’s impossible to guarantee results because nobody outside of Google’s engineers know the algorithm that is used to rank different websites on SERPs. Not having these instructions makes it impossible to guarantee that you are following the instructions. Think of it this way—if a teacher asked you to write a paper, but you didn’t have any guidelines as to how the teacher was grading that paper, could you guarantee that you would get a good grade? You might be able to guess what the teacher wants to read, but you can’t be completely sure.

2. Rankings can change from place to place and user to user.

Google offers local results as well as results based on a user’s Google+ profile and connections. For example, if I were to search for “great restaurants” while I was in Memphis, TN, I will get a completely different set of results than someone in Knoxville, TN who types in the same search. Results are also based on the +1s of your Google+ connections. If one of my connections +1s a restaurant’s website, that result will come up on top for me, but it may not for someone else. In other words, results are entirely too unpredictable to really guarantee any sort of results.

3. Ranking well on a Google SERP doesn’t necessarily mean your website is performing.

The ultimate goal is to rank well on a SERP so that your traffic increases and then converts to make more money for your company. Even if we were to, hypothetically of course, say that a service could guarantee rankings; this really has nothing to do with the results. On-page SEO is just as important as off-page SEO.

A solid SEO service will be able to tell you that results and rankings cannot be guaranteed for the reasons discussed above.  Make sure that you ask the right questions when talking with an SEO service and don’t fall for any types of promises. Look at testimonials and make sure that the service actually delivers results that matter.

Have you ever tried to hire an SEO service that offered guaranteed rankings?

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