Why Large Corporations Still Need SEO

It’s certainly easy to look at a huge business with a huge name and immediately dismiss any SEO needs. There are a million different questions to ask that seem to have such a clear answer: SEO is all about branding and earning visibility, right? If that corporation already has a huge following and is already popular, what is the point of spending a huge chunk of money on SEO? A corporation surely has a large number of different types of products, which leads to a large number of keywords, so wouldn’t SEO be incredibly difficult and not worth the effort?

The truth is, all of these questions can point to a “no, a big corporation doesn’t need SEO” if that big corporation doesn’t want to grow. There is a slight chance that ignoring SEO could bring down a large company, but the real problem is bringing that company to a comfortable halt.

Top Reasons that Even Large Corporations Can Benefit from SEO

Growth is the major reason that large corporations need SEO. If you’re a huge company, there is a good chance you’re already ranking on a Google SERP, but even just ranking a few positions higher will make all the difference. Below, consider the three steps that SEO can accomplish for a large corporation:

1. Clicks. Again, where you rank on a Google SERP can really affect your business. Ranking as number two or three is great, but ranking as number one is better. According to Google, 42 percent of its users click on the number one position while just 11.9 percent click on number 2. That’s 5 times more clicks, which means your business has the potential to grow at least 5 times (an estimate, but a fun one at that).

2. Competition. You might be a large corporation, but you are going to have competition if you don’t already. A company is out there putting a lot of effort into SEO and if your business is not, it could pass you up in no time. It’s hard to catch up when talking about search. You might get clicks from customers who have heard of your business for a while, but sooner or later the company in that number one spot could pass you up. It’s always best to be prepared.

3. Growth. SEO can help your company grow because you’re getting more clicks and beating out your completion. It’s as simple as that. It’s never a good idea to stay at a standstill in business because things are always changing so fast, so SEO is a good way to combat that.

It’s also worth noting that large corporations do have different SEO hurdles to jump, and overall SEO is more difficult for a large business than a small or medium sized business. It’s worth it, but no one said it was going to be easy.

How to Make SEO Happen for Large Corporations

Making SEO happen for a large corporation takes the work of real experts. This means that SEO might be more expensive than it would be for a smaller business, but that should be expected regardless. If you are managing a large corporation, you have to find yourself an SEO agency that specializes in large corporations to help you get started. Read this article to learn more about the different SEO strategies a large corporation could implement.

Do you work for a large corporation and have seen the positive effects of SEO? Why do you feel that these types of companies can still benefit from SEO efforts?

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