Why Franchisors Should Support Franchisees with SEO

Franchises can get tricky because you’re dealing with so many separate pieces—different staff, different community challenges, different buildings and codes to follow, etc. However, some aspects of franchise ownership work as a whole under the national branch. As someone who works as part of the national branch (and with the national budget), it can be tough to determine where you should make a decision for all of your branches and where you should allow each individual franchisee make its own decisions. So where does SEO fit into this equation?

The answer: It’s always best if the larger franchise companies are going out and purchasing SEO services on behalf of all the locations. Although it might seem like a hassle at first, there are actually quite a few reasons why this task should not be left for the small guys. You want one SEO agency to work with all of your locations in order to be truly successful.

Why Your National Ad Budget Should Be Spent on SEO for All Your Franchises

The first thing to make sure you understand is the idea that SEO is important. SEO and online marketing are becoming more important than the yellow pages and other forms of traditional advertising, so it’s important that the national branch gets every franchise location involved in some sort of SEO campaign. The reasons it’s best for the national branch to buy these services on behalf of all the locations includes:

  • Organization. SEO is all about optimizing a website for search engines, so you want all of your branches to be consistent and organized. Having too many hands in your Franchise SEO strategy could get confusing because you would have entirely too much data. If the national branch is in charge of the SEO for all, you’ll be able to see a comprehensive, organized picture.
  • One Website. In most cases, different franchise locations do not have their own website. Instead, there is usually a national company website with a webpage dedicated to different locations. This makes SEO easy because you’re only optimizing one thing—putting this in the hands of many different branches could be disastrous.
  • Cost. It is much more cost effective for a company to use the national budget to purchase SEO services than for each individual franchise to try and organize their own SEO strategies. After all, SEO can get expensive after all of the analysis and content that needs to be done. This almost works the same way that it works when you buy in bulk—you could purchase something a bunch of times over, or get a better price when you buy it all at once.
  • Social Media. Social media often falls under the SEO umbrella. One of the things that can be nerve-racking about social media is the fact that it is getting directly to the public. Having many different franchises and branches working with your social media accounts could cause confusion and would be more difficult to monitor. If you have one SEO agency working for all your franchises, things will stay consistent and safe.

Depending on your company type and size will depend upon whether you want to hire an in-house SEO expert or an SEO agency. In the vast majority of cases, companies with many different franchises will want to hire an agency because an agency has more resources to make sure that things get done. Agencies are also used to working with companies that own franchises, so they’ll be able to manage many different branches.

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