What is Google TrustRank?

Have you noticed that in many search results, pages from popular websites are frequently displayed higher even though there are pages with greater “PageRank”? The reality is that pagerank doesn’t make as much of an impact on your overall position anymore. Many search marketers had adopted tactics to artificially raise their Google PageRank and Google decided to counteract this by placing more emphasis on what is known as TrustRank.

No one truly knows what the TrustRank algorithm really consists of, but there are many obvious factors such as:

Domain age and length of registration

Google is more likely to trust websites who have been around a while and who plan on sticking around. If you haven’t registered your domain for the long-term, it could benefit you.

Back Links Quality and Quantity

This would lean more towards quality over quantity, but they are both important. It is important to have links pointing into your website from other authoritative and relevant websites. The longer the links are pointing to you, the more trusted they become. The number of links can play a role assuming that they are from good neighborhoods and that they aren’t from spammy activities.

External Links on your Website

It goes without saying, but good websites won’t be linking out to bad websites. Good web pages also won’t have tons of links pointing to places outside of your own site. If you don’t show Google that you want people on your own website, why would they want to send them there?

Privacy Policy and Contact Information

Most reputable websites have a privacy policy informing their visitors what they plan on doing with the information they collect. Also, most reputable companies provide a way for their visitors to contact them such as a contact form, address, and phone number. It is reasonable to assume that Google takes this into account.

If you have been doing your own search engine optimization, you have to make sure you have these bases covered. If you aren’t comfortable doing your own SEO work, HigherVisibility can provide these services for you.

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