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Web Design Inspiration – 5 Tips on Getting Inspired

Are you in need of web design inspiration? Just like writers get writer’s block, website designers can feel a lack of inspiration at times. All of your ideas start to take on similar traits and it just doesn’t feel like the quality of work that you want to present to a client. Below are 5 tips on how to get those creative ideas flowing again.

1.  Competition – Make sure you have a clear understanding of your client’s business. If you are starting a design without even considering what your client’s competitors are doing, you are probably doing your client an injustice. Your client ultimately wants sales or leads from their website. Get a list of competitors from your client and see what best practices you can walk away with from those websites.

2.  Color Scheme– If you have a clear understanding of the audience of your client, you should begin forming an idea of the types of colors they will react to. For example, if your client owns a travel agency, darker colors are probably not the way to go. The audience of their website would be interested in seeing a lighter look. Think beach, sun, and the ocean. If you need help with your color palate, Adobe has a really cool site called Kuler. There are several other similar websites out there like Color Scheme Designer and Color Blender.

3.  Print Publications– There are several magazines and books that publish the latest trends and designs for websites and ecommerce. Simply do a search on Amazon or head over to your local Barnes and Noble. Smashing Magazine has come out with a book called Smashing Book 2 that is worth checking out.

4.  Online Design Blogs – There are several blogs online that only talk about web design. They post the latest ideas and trends. Visitors will sometimes even submit some of their work for everyone to see. Sometimes these sites tend to be a little more artistic, but looking at something different will help you get your creative mind going again.

5.  Template or Theme Sites – Websites like ThemeForest or Template Monster can be a good source of inspiration. They present hundreds of different web designs at your finger tips. Make sure you look over the designs good, because even though you might not like the design as a whole, you may come away with a couple cool ideas.

I hope that this helps you get back on track and keeps your web design work inspired! If you have additional ideas, please feel free to share with all of us.

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