Top WordPress SEO Plugins for 2016

It’s easy to understand why someone would want to stick with the same SEO plugin. If one works, you stick with it, master it, and keep using it year after year. However, there are several plugins that boast tons of different features designed for specific businesses and websites-some of which may be better suited for your needs.

Below is a list of some of the greatest SEO plugins for WordPress you can use as we continue to move through 2016. Check them out, and consider trying a new one or using multiple to facilitate the SEO needs of your site.

The Most Popular

  • SEO Yoast. Aside from having a 4.5/5 rating, this plugin is the go-to for WordPress site users. It’s It’s easy to use and has features for all different aspects of SEO, making it a holistic and thorough resource for site improvement. It also makes it easy to write Meta titles and descriptions as well as see a preview of your rich snippets.
    • Cost: Free
  • All in One SEO Pack. Also with a 4.5/5 rating, All in One is particularly useful for e-commerce websites. It works with Google Analytics to deliver reports and optimization guides, giving you a comprehensive idea of what needs work on your site without needing an in-depth understanding of SEO.
    • Cost: Free
  • SEO Ultimate. Several versions of this plugin exist, and newer ones are frequently released to update and add even more powerful features. Its key features include a title tag rewriter, meta description editor, deep linking functions, and much more.
    • Cost: Free

Other Popular Plugins

  • SEO Wizard. The nice thing about SEO Wizard is that it includes tools to assist with social media integration. It can improve social presence while also offering standard SEO plugin features, such as on-page optimization, content writing, and competitor assessment.
    • Cost: Free
  • SEO by Squirrly. In their own words, “Squirrly SEO will help you get a tool that acts like an Expert Consultant, sitting right next to you, advising on SEO, and telling you where you need to improve.” This plugin is ideal for SEO beginners in need of specific advice for their optimization efforts.
    • Cost: Free, with content classes available for purchase
  • SEO Smartlinks. This plugin gives users ideas about what they should link and where they should put that link, so it’s “smart.” It automatically links keywords and phrases in the post with other tags found on the website. However, you don’t want your site to be too optimized, so just use this as a guide.
    • Cost: Free

Just the Basics

  • SEO Friendly Images. Many bloggers get confused when it comes to optimizing photos, but this plugin makes it easy. Once installed, it automatically updates your images with an ALT and TITLE tag. This helps search engine bots understand what the image entails, therein improving your ranking.
    • Cost: Free
  • SEO Audit Tool by ContentLook. This WordPress plugin will give you run a thorough audit of your website, deliver a score, and an execution plan. The guidelines are easy to follow and have simple explanations to coach you through the auditing process.
    • Cost: Free
  • SEO WordPress. A standard SEO WordPress plugin, this covers all the basics: site mapping, meta description and keyword optimization, canonical URL-the list goes on. If you’re looking for the standard SEO tools that also offer Google Analytics integration, this is the plugin.
    • Cost: Free

With so many different plugin options available, it’s a good idea to give a few of them a try before committing to just one. While the most popular certainly have their perks, they aren’t always the best option for individual users. It’s up to you to find the best fit.

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