mobile Top Factors That Help Improve Mobile CTR Numbers

The term “mobile marketing” is continually circling the marketing departments of today, and for good reason. Mobile marketing is a surefire way to make sure that you’re not just another email that gets deleted before it’s opened or another advertisement that someone walks past every once and a while. However, it’s still important that a company analyzes what is called a click through rate, or CTR, number. This number will help a company decide whether or not their mobile marketing effort is really working.

Unfortunately, finding this number isn’t going to give you all of the answers. You will want to analyze this number and determine where you have the biggest potential. You need to ask yourself: Where is the CTR the highest?

When Mobile Marketing CTR are the Highest

As it turns out, according to data collected from the YP Local Ad Network, there are two instances that actually make a difference: The type of mobile phone and the proximity of the mobile user to the actual business.

The report studied online as well as mobile data from 573 million searches and 10 billion impressions in a Q3 Local Insights Report. As expected, industries such as restaurant and financial services came out on top when it comes to search, but the findings about CTR according to device and location was a bit of a surprise to many. Below outlines the two results:

1. CTR: Apple vs. Android

It certainly seems as though the world is leaning toward Apple technology, but I know that I didn’t realize just how much. According to the study, Apple devices saw 47 percent higher CTRs than ads on Android devices.

So why is this the case? It’s tough to say. You could make the assumption that Apple is doing something that Android is not in terms of ease of clicking on different ads and messages, or you could make a generalization about the people who own Apple products. In either case, you have no facts.

2. CTR Based on the Proximity to a Business

Interestingly enough, this report also showed that consumers are more likely to click on ads that are for a business between 1 and 2 miles from their location. In this space, users clicked about 1.48x. Once the ads are ten miles away, people were less likely to click and only 1x.

In this case, the results do seem to make sense. If you see your town named in an ad, you’re naturally curious to see what it is because you might actually be able to interact. People like to know what is readily available to them in their community, so why not click on the ads? These ads are different than other ads, and they’re more personal.

What This Means for Businesses

In terms of the statistics Apple vs. Android, the only thing that companies might want to do is focus on creating an ad that would work well on an Apple product. In most cases this is the same, but it’s still certainly something to keep in mind.

As for the statistics about CTR and proximity to business, it’s important to keep this in mind and potentially put a city name in the ad if appropriate. It can’t hurt the majority of those looking at your ads, but it will help those that are living in your community.

You can read the full YP Local Listing Digital Report here. Take a look at some of their other findings and let us know what you think. Did anything surprise you?