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Top 5 Websites to Find Web Design Inspiration

The look and feel of your website is your first chance at a lasting impression. Many users will decide whether or not they are going to stay on a website within the first 5 seconds. If it is difficult to navigate, they leave; if the font is hard to read, they leave; if there are too many advertisements or too many colors, they leave. For all of these reasons, designing a website can be overwhelming.

Finding Inspiration through Other Websites

If you’re a web designer or developer, often times you get your version of writer’s block. Because of this, it’s important to seek out inspiration from other designs. Copying a website is never a good idea, but little things can often spark inspiration for any business owner.

Consider some of the places you can go to find inspiration for your website:

  1. Inspire Me, Now – This website has some of the most interesting images that constantly have me thinking. If you’re interested in finding something very creative, a little weird, and fairly simple, this website is for you.
  2. Dribble – This is a website where designers and developers share bits and pieces of their work. There are generally lots of different screenshots from different types of designers, so you’re going to see a little bit of everything.
  3. Web Creme – This websites does a great job of showing web designs of all verticals and it is constantly being updated with new inspiration.
  4. Media Queries – This is the perfect place to find inspiration for different responsive web designs. With more and more people interested in browsing the Internet on their phones, responsive web design is extremely important.
  5. Unmatched Style – They are more than just a CSS gallery, they focus on showing beautiful websites they also employ web standards and good usability. This is easily one of the best destinations to find web design inspiration.

For many, finding inspiration can take a long time. Even if you go through some of these websites and don’t see anything that catches your eye, make sure to keep checking back and keep an open mind. Finding inspiration isn’t always easy, but having the right website is important and worth the wait.

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