Top 5 SEO Google Chrome Extensions

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in February 2012 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

It can sometimes be difficult to keep your SEO efforts straight when you’re trying to manage so much information. You’re constantly tracking keywords, creating quality content, promoting that content, trying to earn backlinks, and of course trying to monitor the success of all these efforts. Fortunately, there are plenty of extensions that you can use to help ease your efforts.

For those unfamiliar with the term, an extension is simply an extra feature that you can add to your browser. These features generally function as short cuts or ways to help you with the things you love most (in this case, SEO). All browsers have their own SEO extensions, but I, like many others, find that Google Chrome offers some of the best and easiest to use. Consider a few of my favorite SEO Chrome Extensions below:

Free Chrome Extensions to Help Ease Your SEO Efforts

  1. Mozbar – I like this extension because I find Moz tools incredibly user friendly. There are two main uses of the Mozbar. First, when you search for a keyword or phrase in Google, the Mozbar displays the domain and page authority under every search result, giving you a peak at the quality of your competitors’ pages. Secondly, when you click on one of the search results, the Mozbar will display more specific stats about the web page, including social media shares, and some more technical info (page speed, meta text, etc.). This tool serves as a great point of reference that will seamlessly integrate into your campaign and browsing behavior.
  2. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar– The Ahrefs toolbar looks and works similarly to the Mozbar. It shows stats on domain authority, backlinks, referring domains, and social shares. The data displayed comes from the Ahrefs database, so you get functionality that’s similar to the Mozbar but high quality, reliable information. The toolbar is free, but if you have a subscription or use other Ahrefs tools, you can get even deeper information and graphical interpretations of data.
  3. SEO Quake – This tool will actually work across search engines such as Yahoo and Bing as opposed to Google only. This tool will display your PageRank, Alex arak, any nofollow links, keyword density analysis, and web archive age.  This is one of the more detailed and more involved extensions, but it does allow you to sort all of these results based on what you’re looking for at any given moment.
  4. SEO Site Tools – This extension focuses on metrics. The tool will pull metrics about your website (or any website for that matter) from just about every source you can imagine. It will break up results into six sections: 1) external page data; 2) page elements; 3) social media; 4) page terms and tools; 5) domain information, and 6) suggestions for your site.
  5. Majestic SEO Toolbar– With this tool, you can get a free “main summary” of web pages that includes the components you’d expect to see in a page profile (domain rating, external backlinks, etc.). Majestic offers a thorough summary of that data with graphical representation to easily interpret/apply the information to your SEO and campaign efforts. A paid subscription will get you even more information from the Majestic SEO database (page architecture and technical details, a complex profile of backlinks, and other tools).

It’s important to understand that it’s not necessary to install all of these extensions. Most companies use one or two and get all the information they need. All of these extensions are free, so try them all out and see which ones you find most useful are the most comfortable to use. You’ll find that these little shortcuts are a great way to keep your SEO efforts organized.


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