Top 5 List of Web Directories for SEO

Over the years the search engines have devalued the impact that directory links can make for a website’s search position. It is still a good idea to have links in directories other than the ones I am about to mention, but they just don’t offer the same level of trust that these directories provide. Trusted quality links are what will get your website ranking higher than your competition and these links will certainly help your SEO efforts.

1. Dmoz ( The holy grail of web directories. This is the one directory everybody wants to get in, but hardly anyone gets in. Dmoz, also known as the Open Directory Project, isn’t actively administered like it was years ago. The editors, which are all volunteers, don’t appear to be reviewing and accepting many new sites. Since the directory is free and run by unpaid human editors, there is a high trust level that comes with a link.

2. Yahoo ( In 1994 Yahoo started out as “Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web”. Today it has transformed into the largest web portal. Their directory business remains and is one of the oldest in existence. Their shear age, size, and brand would provide a quality trusted link back to your website.

3. Best of the Web ( Also started in 1994, Best of the Web remains one of the oldest and trusted directories today. The have created several other more specialized directories over past few years including Blog, Local, UK/Ireland, Senior Housing, and Software. also offer deep linking which means you can submit interior pages of your website for inclusion.

4. Business ( is a leading online destination for business buyers looking for B2B solutions. The site offers a wealth of business content, but it also offers a website directory. Better yet many of the directory category pages have pretty good Google page ranks. is also another directory that offers deep linking.

5. Joe Ant ( Joe Ant was started in 2001 by former volunteer guides from They have built a reputation of building a quality web directory of websites.

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