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Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Forums

Affiliate marketing is a business, which is becoming more and more popular online. This type of marketing practice reward affiliates for visitors or customers that are brought about by their marketing efforts. This can be accomplished in a number of ways. Many merchants reward individuals with cash for each sale of goods or services referred by an affiliate’s website.

Affiliate forums are places wherein affiliates gather in order to discuss their revenue sharing and the affiliate marketing programs that they belong to. These forums are also used by merchants and retailers who offer these types of programs in order to see what their opinions of them are. It is a great way to gain insight regarding what affiliates truly think of their affiliate program, this knowledge can also help them to make improvements.

This is a great tool for any online retailer and with the concept of revenue sharing it is becoming even more popular. If you want to know more about online marketing using the internet is the way to gain that information. We have have put together a list of the Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Forums.


Aff Spot is one of many popular forums. It is an affiliate marketing forum known for being used by marketers and merchants alike. It is good for OPM’s and those interested in the world of online marketing. It is a great location to help individuals socialize and learn the ropes, but not as popular or as in-depth with the information it provides as some of the other sites that are out there.


5 Star Affiliate Marketing is a very friendly forum. They focus on a wide variety of topics. This is why this site is especially good for novice users.. This is a good place to find out what you need to know to get yourself started and to hear about the success of others. It is good to check with a friendly place because you know you won’t be ridiculed for asking beginner questions.


UK Affiliate Marketing Forum is the best stop for any and all British marketing needs. There are numerous users and several UK Networks located there. It is operated and owned by Matt Wood. This site is particularly good at helping other United Kingdom users and answering any questions they might have. Not necessarily a place worth visiting if you’re not based in the UK yourself.


Affiliate Forum AU is the best forum for the Australian markets. It is similar to the UK forum as it helps to discuss matters that pertain to local marketing and the specifics of the Australian markets. This is great, but it is typically the most useful for Australian users. Keep in mind that even if you’re not from that area you may be able to find some useful info on this forum in particular.


The top affiliate marketing forum is ABestWeb is the leader among the competition because it has over 90 thousand members with over a million posts on their forums. It is a great place for web affiliates and affiliate managers to discuss related marketing activities.

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