No matter what kind of business you run, having your content make you a little bit of extra cash is never a bad thing. Content’s first job is to be interesting and engaging to your audience—this helps improve your social shares, which will draw people to your website, it helps establish credibility, and relevant content is key to improving your SEO and giving those bots something worthwhile to crawl. In other words, making your content profitable shouldn’t be your first priority.

Nonetheless, once you have a solid strategy down, it can’t hurt to consider, especially if you have a business that relies heavily on content as opposed to offering products or services. Fortunately making your content profitable isn’t too difficult. Popularity and quality is your first step, and a few small changes can help profitability come next.

Tips and Tricks to Helping Your Content Become Profitable

Your first step is going to be to determine what content has the potential to earn you a profit as well as what content is earning you something already (no matter how little). Once you have this content targeted, there are things you can do to start bringing in the real profit.

Remember that there is no guaranteed success, but some of these tips below will give you that extra edge you’ll need to get started:

Find your popular and profitable content and make it easy to find on your site.

Figure out which pages are driving the most conversions and then make it easy for more people to navigate to that content. In general, people are finding this content through organic search, which means those that visit your PPC ads or your homepage probably wont get there on their own. Make it easy for everyone to see this content by adding an extra tab somewhere on your site or a link to that content on your homepage. Position it so that everyone is urged to click, and hopefully the profits you were already getting (or the potential profit you envision) will increase. You can’t do this with all of your content, but you can certainly single out one or two articles.

Find your popular pages and move your content to those pages.

This is another tactic that deals with the positioning of content, but of course it’s the opposite of number one above. With this trick, you actually figure out your most profitable pages and then move your content to those pages. This content should then aid in any sorts of profits you were making before; thus making it profitable. Content is incredibly important, so the more you can focus on the content, the better.

Always A/B test different layouts and structures of pages.

Whenever you’re trying to make anything profitable, A/B testing is going to be a necessity. You can do this with content as well by testing different structures and different layouts of the page. Once you find the layout that works best for you, use this for all of the content on your blog. You can also try different headlines for specific posts to see what works best.

Go through your most profitable content and include internal links to your other posts.

One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is leaving a really great piece untouched. Let those articles that are doing well help your other articles and spur some engagement (and hopefully profits) by internal linking within that popular article. Remember, however, that all internal links must be relevant. A good rule of thumb is one internal link for every 200 words.

Once again, making your content profitable shouldn’t be your first goal. You have to make sure that you have the quality there before you bother with any of the points discussed above. The obvious has to be stated: Sacrificing quality for profit simply won’t work. Good luck and let us know how your experiments go in the comment section below!