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Social, Social, Social! Using Keywords to Get Your Accounts to the Top of Social Search Results

When most people think of social media they don’t think about using it as a search engine—they might type something into the search bar, but it just doesn’t seem like it can be categorized along with Google and Bing. While these searches do work a little bit different than Google and Bing, you are using a social media search engine—you’re searching for something and you get a result. This then brings forth the inevitable question: How can you optimize your social media accounts to show up on a social media results page?

How Social Media Search Engines Are Used By Visitors

Social media networks are becoming more and more common for those looking to find companies; however searches on LinkedIn are used typically used to find potential candidates. For example, if an employer is looking for a yoga instructor, he/she might type this into the search bar. If a consumer was looking for an Italian restaurant, he/she might go to Facebook to find something new.

Fortunately, getting your account to the top of these search results pages is actually quite simple because it uses many of the same principles that Google and Bing utilize. In short: It’s all about the keywords.

How to Use Social Media Keywords to Help Improve Your Social Media SEO

Just as with optimizing a webpage or an article, you will want to focus on certain keywords that describe your page. This is usually done through keyword research, which you can learn more about here. Keyword research for social media networks is similar to how it works for other types of optimization, except you obvious want to think about what people will use to search for your social media account. In many situations, your keywords will be the same.

Once you know what keywords you want to optimize for, you’re ready to start the process.

  1. Photos – All social media networks give you the chance to caption your photos, so focus on your keywords. For example, if you had a photo of you as a yoga instructor, label the photo “Yoga Instructor on a Friday” as opposed to something like “Teaching my class before the weekend begins.”
  2. Links and Hashtags – If you’re ever going to add a link as part of a post, consider that one way to optimize your account. Hashtags are also great because they allow people to easily find your website as well as optimize your site for the social media search engines at the same time.
  3. Headline – Every social media network has a space for a headline. This is a great place to use your keyword!
  4. Description Section – The biggest thing to remember about using your keywords in a description section is that you want to sound natural. Do not overdue the keyword usage, just make sure that you’re weary of using a specific keyword phrase.

The greatest thing about optimizing your social media accounts for search results is the idea that not many people are aware of this little trick. SEO for a traditional website is heavy on the minds of many marketing departments, but because social networks used as search engines is not yet very popular, this is put on the back burner. If your company was able to optimize, you would surely have an easier time seeing results than you do when you try to optimize for Google.

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