So Conferences Aren’t Your Thing? Gear Up for the 2014 SEO Workshops and Training

Whenever your holiday getaways finish up and it’s back to your usual routine, it’s important to take an hour or so out of your day to research the different SEO training courses and workshops being offered in 2014. Although the New Year has barely just begun, workshops are already offering early bird specials that could save you a huge amount of money if you register now. It might seem like wasted time amidst all the New Year hustle and bustle, but trust me, you’ll be happy come workshop time in a few months.

Top SEO Workshops to Attend in 2014

Most small businesses have heard about the large conferences offered such as ClickZ Live (formerly SES Conference & Expo), SMX, and Pubcon (and if you haven’t, they’re definitely worth checking out). However, what many don’t realize is that there are a quite a few smaller, less expensive, and unfortunately less popular workshops that can also help you improve your knowledge of SEO. If you’ve done the large conference thing or prefer to work in smaller groups and get a more personalized experience, 2014 is full of workshop choices.

Below is a list of some of the workshops and training courses you may want to attend this upcoming year:

  1. Boston SEO Training Workshop Class. Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2014. 1-day courses only.

This training workshop allows only 10 people per class and offers information about competitive research techniques and tips, how to conduct a link audit, as well as some information on the basics. I personally have worked with the instructor, Shawna Wright, in the past, and she really knows her stuff! The conference is held in Boston and is affiliated with Brick Marketing.

Prices: $450 per person.

2. Tampa SEO Training Academy. Various Options from Jan-Dec in 2014. 2-day, 3-day, and 5-day courses available.

This company’s main focus is SEO courses and teaching you to get acquainted with SEO on your own in a class of no more than 10 people. They offer enrollment for anyone into their SEO training courses and provide corporate in-house SEO training solutions for larger groups and companies. They offer an extensive list of information you can learn through a six-step system so you’re staying a level you feel comfortable. The best and most unique aspect of this workshop is the fact that after you complete your class you get a 6-month SEO mentor to help you stay on track.

This workshop is actually a Licensed Training Associate of the Search Engine Academy, the most popular SEO training company, so you have tons of choices outside Tampa with different teachers and different courses that offer the same benefits. If you’re interested, click on the link above and visit the Search Engine Academy website.

Prices: This conferences offers Early Bird Tuition, so definitely visit the website to determine when you want to attend. Early Bird Tuition for a 2-Day Basic Workshop is $997 while regular tuition is $1097. There are different prices for the 3-Day and 5-Day Workshops.

3. LunaMetrics Training Workshops. Boston and Pittsburgh Jan 27-31; Miami Feb 3-7, New York City Feb 24-28. Options range from 1-day courses to 5-day courses.

This is a bigger workshop than the two discussed above, but it does offer very specialized information, particularly Google Analytics and AdWords training. In other words, this probably isn’t a workshop for someone who wants to learn about topics apart from Analytics and AdWords. They offer Beginner, Intermediate, and Technical Implementation levels all taught by Google-approved seminar leaders and Google Analytics Certified Partners.

Price: Price varies greatly–$499 to $2,295—depending on which courses you sign up for and when. This is another seminar that offers sales for those who register early.

4. Mobile SEO Training from Silicon Beach Training. Brighton, UK. 1-day option only.

This is a very new conference (just announced April of last year), but it puts a focus on mobile, which will be a huge topic in 2014. Those in charge do recommend, however, that you come to this course with a little bit of background SEO knowledge. Topics will be covering mobile topics only, so it helps to know the terminology, etc. before attending. Dates have not yet been announced, but their 2-day conference is being held Mar 5-6 and May 29-30, 2014. If you’re new to SEO and looking for a more general conference in the Brighton area, their 2-day course is a great place to start.

Price: Because the conference is so new, you still have to call for a quote. As a point of reference, the company offers 2-day general SEO Training courses for £ 495.

Aside from only these small workshops, the major conferences like SMX and ClickZ Live often have smaller workshops in the days before the big seminars and sessions. In other words, if you’re really interested in something smaller, don’t count out the big conferences just yet. Nonetheless, you have some options coming up in 2014.

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