Part I: 8 of the Best Online Marketing Infographics We Saw in 2014

There are two major reasons that analyzing some of the infographics of 2014 is a great way to start the New Year: First, some of the statistics and information used is incredibly interesting and could very well help spark ideas for your own business (whether you’re working in the online marketing industry or not), and second, infographics are only going to become more popular in 2015 as the want for visual and engaging content increases, so it’s a great way to analyze what works best.

And so without further ado, below are some of the coolest online marketing infographics we saw last year and why they matter:

The Blogging Food Groups: A Well Balanced Diet of Content

Author: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

Why It Works: This infographic is great because it uses an analogy we’re all familiar with—food. It helps to show that blogging is kind of like the fuel you need for your content strategy to succeed, much like food is the fuel our bodies need.


The BlogConomy

Author: Ignite Spot

Why It Works: Besides the fact that this infographic offers a lot of great statistics and one of the best designs on this list (in my opinion), it tells a story and includes examples. Doing both in an infographic can be tough and cause the infographic to seem too overbearing, but this one managed to keep it short and simple.

Click image to see a larger version

SEO Rank Correlations and Ranking Factors 2014

Author: SearchMetrics

Why It Works: This infographic is great because it offers such great information on such a huge topic. It might be a little bit busy for some people, but overall it offers some great examples and is one of the best SEO infographics from 2014 in my opinion (and it was one of the first!).

SM_14_001_Infographic_FullSize_US2 JF

Why You’re Still Bored

Author: BuzzPlant

Why It Works: This infographic immediately catches your attention because of the title. For many, the reason infographics are so great is because you are bored. You want entertainment, and infographics can be fun to read, so an infographic that grabs your attention with that headline has the potential to be great. This one did not disappoint with some really cool facts about why people take breaks from certain social media websites. As a business owner, this information can help you optimize your social content even further.

Why-Youre-Still-Bored (1)

So you may have noticed there are only four infographics above. In the interest of information overload, check out Part II here to see the rest and see an explanation of why it matters to you!

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