• By: Hannah Evon

    The Fuss About Yahoo


    Apr 6 - Your favorite purple underdog might be getting adopted by new owners. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo has officially set a deadline (April 11) for preliminary bidders to submit some first draft proposals for their bids. They'l...

  • By: Harvey Kay

    4 Common Types of SEO Customers and How to Help Them


    Apr 5 - Selling SEO has never been harder that it is today.  It is a commonplace that we are in “The Age of the Customer” in which all selling is customer focused and about them, not the sales rep.  In selling SEO services, I spend time learning about ...

  • By: Hannah Evon

    How Publishing On LinkedIn Can Improve Visibility


    Apr 4 - Finding success as a producer of content is often a hit-or-miss endeavor. With such a flood of content being produced by so many people on a constant basis, getting your name out there as an effective author can be incredibly challenging. Whether you...

  • By: Hannah Evon

    Google AdWords Gets a Makeover


    Apr 1 - Pay-per-click professionals, get excited! PPC platform AdWords is getting a serious makeover. Google recently announced the total redesign of AdWords that will continue to develop at a deliberate and precise pace over the coming months. Though you pr...

  • By: Hannah Evon

    Why You Shouldn’t Use the Peeple App

    Peeple pic

    Mar 30 - If you’ve seen the movie Mean Girls, you know how one person’s opinion of you can be detrimental to your reputation. Regardless of whether said person’s take on your character is merited or not, it can follow you and deter others from making th...

  • By: Harvey Kay

    3 Simple Ways to Redeem the Selling of SEO

    Words of Search Engine Optimization on Blackboard

    Mar 29 - As a salesperson for a company that provides SEO services, I get plenty of opportunities to hear from potential clients about their past experiences with SEO.  In these conversations, clients share the sales pitch that competitors have made to them,...

  • By: Hannah Evon

    3 Methods of Handling Twitter Trolls


    Mar 28 - Trolls exist on every social platform that’s out there. Whether it’s a blogging site or Instagram, you will almost always find always find an increase in “haters” when there’s an increase in your following. Such users exist at varying degre...

  • By: Hannah Evon

    Belgium Attacks Struck a Nerve with Controversial Encryption Debate


    Mar 25 - ISIS attacks have soared in the past year, and the emphasis on the assault of the Western world has gained momentum as well. The Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris at the beginning of last year were followed by a slew of equally horrific terrorist acts, ...

  • By: Hannah Evon

    How To Enhance Your Brand Using Periscope


    Mar 23 - Having arrived at the one year mark of Periscope, the Twitter-owned, live streaming mobile app continues to remain popular. The success of Periscope is unsurprising given that it’s another form of vertical content-which millennials reportedly gravi...

  • By: Hannah Evon

    Twitter Co-Founder Resurrects Social Search Engine


    Mar 21 - In a session at SXSW, former Google employee and Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone teased the return of his 2014 project, Jelly. Reportedly Stone’s attempt to put the “humanity” back into search, Jelly is what you might consider a “social search e...