• By: Hannah Evon

    How To Solve SEO’s Biggest Problems With Ecommerce Websites


    May 27 - The past couple decades have been marked by the rapid development of digital entrepreneurship, resulting in shifts in consumer attitudes and behavior that have made ecommerce an overwhelming chunk of our current economy. In 2014, retail ecommerce sal...

  • By: Harvey Kay

    6 Great Questions to Ask Any SEO Prospect: Part 2


    May 25 - Today we pick back up with the second installment of focusing on helpful questions to ask a prospect in the SEO sales process.  Check out our first installment here for the first three questions. Without further ado, let’s hop right in to three m...

  • By: Harvey Kay

    6 Great Questions to Ask Any SEO Prospect: Part 1

    cold calls

    May 23 - If the end goal of an SEO sales rep is to offer a campaign that meets the needs of a prospect, the SEO discovery call is the foundation for that meeting.  Simply put, so much is accomplished during the first or second phone call that one has with a ...

  • By: Hannah Evon

    7 Tools Every Marketer Should Use For Landing Page Optimization


    May 20 - As anyone who’s run a campaign before knows, landing pages are an essential component of making money. For all landing pages, the end goal is to drive a high conversion rate, and to do so, that landing page has to be killer. In addition to working...

  • By: Hannah Evon

    The Importance of Manual Link Building: Why It Can’t Be Automated


    May 18 - There are certain goals that always seem to stay on the priority lists of brands and businesses. Drive traffic? Definitely. Grow the brand? A must. Develop relationships with consumers and other businesses? Absolutely. All of these factors are crucia...

  • By: Hannah Evon

    Is there an ideal length for blog posts?


    May 16 - The answer to this question might depend on who you ask. I recently sat in on a webinar by BuzzSumo Director Steve Rayson that discussed blog post length and the role it plays in SEO and user engagement, and there seems to be agreement about a few ke...

  • By: Hannah Evon

    6 Tools Everyone Performing SEO Audits Should Be Using


    May 13 - The importance of performing SEO audits to prepare for a campaign as part of regular site maintenance cannot be understated. Perhaps the most important benefit to performing SEO audits is that they assess how your website is performing from a techni...

  • By: Hannah Evon

    How Reposting Old Blog Content Will Boost Your Traffic


    May 11 - “Content is king” is an adage that has been adopted and practiced by every successful blogger across the web for years. So practiced, that there’s a definite surplus in content. While content continues to flood the internet at an increasing rat...

  • By: Hannah Evon

    The Easiest Ways to Increase Followers to Your LinkedIn Page


    May 9 - In 2015, LinkedIn beat Facebook as the most important social platform for B2B marketers. It continues to be a platform of increasing importance, not only for businesses, but for individuals of every professional and creative discipline. What separate...

  • By: Hannah Evon

    5 Things You Need to Know for DIY SEO


    May 6 - Making the most of how your website performs on search engines is becoming increasingly important. So important, in fact, that it’s become unwise not to include SEO in your business development strategy. But not every business has funds available...