• By: Hannah Evon

    You got a Google penalty. Now what?


    Sep 14 - Our colorful friend Google drops the hammer by dishing out manual penalties by the thousands. Their commitment to user experience and trust is what makes them the top dog of search engines, which is why SEO practices have to be carried out in a legit...

  • By: Hannah Evon

    5 Best Practices for Curating Your E-Commerce Blog


    Sep 12 - In my last post I talked about the importance of having a blog component for your e-commerce website and how it can impact your brand in lasting, profitable ways. However, the mere presence of a blog on your e-commerce website won’t do anyone much ...

  • By: Hannah Evon

    5 Reasons Your E-Commerce Site Needs a Blog


    Sep 9 - The internet is so highly saturated with blogs that starting one now can be intimidating and feel pointless. After all, what’s another blog when thousands of similar blogs exist? Who would even read it? Is it worth it? If you’ve ever been curious...

  • By: Hannah Evon

    Why Customer Reviews are Important for Local SEO


    Sep 8 - Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in December 2012 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. With user trends showing a strong relationship between mobile browsing and local SEO, many business owners and SEO comp...

  • By: Hannah Evon

    How to Spot a Phony SEO Company


    Sep 7 - Search engine optimization has become an increasingly necessary component of website management. In order to perform well on search engines, your website has to be optimized. Not optimizing your site gives your competitor’s an advantage and your co...

  • By: Hannah Evon

    Location Optimization Tool Adds Analytics


    Sep 2 - A marketing platform we’ve previously discussed on this blog has added a new tool to their lineup of services and features. PinMeTo, a company that offers localization solutions for brands of all sizes, has developed Insights, a feature that detail...

  • By: Hannah Evon

    5 Rules for Creating Killer Infographics


    Aug 31 - Visuals play a vital role in how marketing, advertising, and the relay of information work-especially online. Whether it’s a certain color that grabs your attention or hazard symbols that give a warning message, your brain responds. That’s why it...

  • By: Hannah Evon

    Securing Your CMS: 2016 Best Practices Guide


    Aug 29 - Part of what has made the internet more of a necessity than a luxury is how accessible it is for people. So accessible that just about anyone can have their own website, which is why there are over one billion existing websites right now-a number tha...

  • By: Hannah Evon

    Refine Your Writing: 10 Easy Tips


    Aug 26 - After the years we spend learning to write formally for academia, content writing at first seems a little unnatural, mainly because blog writing lends itself to a certain brevity and casualness in both style and tone. What I’ve found is true for me...

  • By: Hannah Evon

    How to Entice Clicks for a Higher CTR


    Aug 23 - There’s a tendency to regard site rank on search engines as the single most important factor of SEO. After all, if your website is ranked among the top, doesn’t the rest just take care of itself?But what tends to get overlooked is how other S...