mobileseo Mobile SEO: A Wash Or Worthy Of Effort?

Everyone loves to stay on the hot trends to keep business goals ahead of the curve; socially optimizing campaigns to harvest traffic from peers, creating content that rocks the Google searches, and even optimizing keywords in hopes that Page Ranks will skyrocket and increase their intellectual property’s net worth.  However, one effort that is still treading in unchartered waters is the mobile search engine optimization, the quest to optimize content for mobile search providers.  Without any previous knowledge of mobile optimization efforts, I’ll outline why I believe mobile SEO is going to be a wasted effort for many webmasters.

Apple’s Voice Commands

Remember, the goal of mobile optimization is simply positioning your content, imagery and whatnot’s to both be visible by your mobile versions of Yeah-hoo and Google and show up when searching on your mobile device; with Apple iPhone users having the ability to vocalize what they want and have their results put in Apple’s perfect presentation format, one can only hope their ma-and-pa ‘caramel apple business’ will show up in searches, let alone be optimized for it.  Apple has their own way of optimizing for localities, not really caring the 1000+ hours you’ve put into optimizing your website for traffic and customers.  Yep, cross about 30,000,000 off your mobile visitor possibilities list.

Google Search Is Already Mobile-Ready

Here you thought that Google mobile was this secret garden where only the brave would play; I have personally searched my website through an Android device (Galaxy III), an iPhone 4 and an old school mobile-ready flip phone; my keyword position for searches performed remained the same on each device using Safari, some weird internal browser and Google’s Android browsers.  Again, wasting your time on mobile SEO is simply heaving money through the front door and burning out the back with these given results because your keywords and sponsored searches are still dominating your mobile device and home computer alike since technology simply shrank your home computer’s browsers into a portable format.

Apps Are Taking Over

There is literally an app for everything.  Websites, banking, gaming, your favorite radio station, even a local restaurant.  If you believe that doing business without an app will be feasible in the next 10-14 months, you can think again.  First stop for many people that come from their home PC to the outer world is the Android or iTunes marketplace to see if a business they like has an app.  Just saying…

The Social Regime Has Taken Over

Go ahead, admit it: What are 90% of us doing after work on a Friday before going out? Tweeting, status updating, sharing a funny video with friends, or conversing with friends – with phone in pocket. The mobile search world has come down to who is already optimized in the major search engines or who can afford a tiny little banner ad sponsored through their cellular company – which could run in the upwards of $1.00 – $3.00 an impression.  That’s some serious dough right there.  There is, of course, the mild chance you decided to run a contest which has people tweeting or talking about you – or you at least have a Facebook business page with tons of local friends.  You do have a business page, right?  Doh!

At The End Of The Day…

Ok, do you still remember what mobile search engine optimization is?  Believe me, web gurus – it’s a wash.  Optimizing your content to be seen in mobile browsers is relative simple, anyway; besides, most new safari or Android browsers will show your entire website, verbatim, as if you were home banging your laptop keys.  Get your mind off the fallacy that mobile optimization will bring you ahead of the pack because, at the end of the day, conventional wisdom proves that your site is already optimized for mobile platforms.  That is, of course, if anyone really cares about your online nail salon while looking for the latest mobile app from Geico or Speedway convenience stores.  See where I’m going with that?