How to Take Advantage of the New Google AdWords Opportunities Tab

Google AdWords doesn’t make changes quite as often as other organic factors and initiatives, but it’s still up there in terms of importance. Understanding how AdWords works and how to make the most of your AdWords plans can help save you money, stay organized, and even see greater success. The latest Google AdWords change comes from the Opportunities Tab, and fortunately for users, this change is easy to understand and will be a huge help whether you’re new to AdWords or getting to a more advanced level.

How the AdWords Opportunities Tab Works

The Opportunities Tab found in an AdWords account was designed to help give suggestions and advice to users about how to improve their performance. As Google described it back in 2009, it was your “personal AdWords assistant.” It is an entire section that is dedicated to improving your campaigns—help you discover new keywords, improve bids and budgets, etc.

You typically need to have an account history to really get the most out of this little feature because it looks at your history, campaign settings, and search volume to help figure out what opportunities you have to improve. Below explains a few of the benefits of the tool:

  • Performance Estimates. The tool will look at data from your past campaigns to see what might work in the future. It can’t predict exactly whether or not you will be successful, but it does give you suggestions that come from real data.
  • Research. It cuts down on the research you will need to do because the tool does it for you. You can therefore spend time making decisions and analyzing data instead of gathering it.
  • Fresh Campaigns. Because the tool looks at your old keywords and bids, it can help you realize when they need to be changed in order to keep your campaign fresh.

So what type of advice will you get? Through the Opportunities tab, you will get suggestions on how to improve your keywords, bids and budgets, ad extensions, account structure, and tips for evaluating, sorting, and filtering your opportunities.

The Changes Made to the AdWords Opportunities Tab

Even after the changes (discussed below) were made, the features discussed above can still be used. In other words, the changes are simply adding to the old version of the tool that is described above—not overtaking it.

Below is a screenshot from the Google announcement that shows how the new opportunities tab will work:

 opportunities tab

A few of the most recent changes include:

  • Opportunities to increase your location bid adjustments where your conversion rate is high or vice versa. It’s all about location with this one.
  • If you are maxing out your budget, you might see an opportunity to lower your bids in order to earn more clicks.
  • An opportunity to been seen more frequently with bids so that you are showing up more often than your competitors.
  • Broaden your keyword match types if you’re missing clicks on searches that are similar to your keywords.
  • Raise your bids to show ads on the first page.
  • A new design will give you a summary telling you what you can do and what you might get each week, which makes it easier to decide which opportunities you may want to implement for your campaign.

Google refers to these changes as “new opportunity types” that have been added to the tool, and they can be used immediately. They also stated that there will be more opportunity types coming soon, so continually check back (not to mention the fact that the opportunities for you specifically are changing each week).

It’s also worth mentioning that the Opportunities Tab is not always completely correct. In other words, it’s important to do your own analysis and make decisions based on other factors aside from just whatever this tool says. Keep these suggestions in mind, but don’t always assume everything it suggests is going to be your best move.

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