How to Measure the Success of a Blogger Outreach Campaign

Guest blogging is one of the strategies that hasn’t gone out of style and has remained successful for a long time with the Google bots. You get the link back to your website which is great for SEO, you get the visibility of a different blog, but more than anything you’re proving to Google and to users that you can create quality content that is relevant. As Google continues to alter their ranking algorithm and analyze different webpages, the importance of quality content is never going to change.

Part of guest blogging and creating content for your own blog, however, is the outreach. Most blogs will hire a few writers to take care of these responsibilities and get started on what many call a “blogger outreach campaign.” Sounds easy enough for the small business owner, but there is one question that is still hazy for many: How is it possible to measure the success of a blogger outreach campaign?

Steps to Measuring a Blogger Outreach Campaign

The first thing to understand is that there is not one single way or one single tool you can use to accurately measure your blogger outreach ROI. In fact, most experts will tell you that there isn’t even a standard out there to give you a good benchmark of what you should be looking for when it comes to blogger outreach. Whatever is a success and whatever is a failure is up to each small business, and it will alter from business to business.  With that in mind, you still need to have some sort of way to measure so that you can make a few different decisions:

  • You need to know whom you should keep working with.
  • You need to be able to compare different relationships and determine which take precedence and which can be left on the back burner.
  • You have to understand your campaign as a whole and see what it does for your business. Is blogger outreach even worth the time and the money for your company?

So it becomes clear why measuring blogger outreach campaigns can be so confusing: There is no set way to measure success, yet you have to have some sort of measurement in order to make important decisions.

Nevertheless, below are a few steps to get started and try and create a way to measure that’s meaningful:

Step #1: Create a standard based on your goals. As discussed above, there isn’t an industry standard when it comes to blogger outreach so it’s up to you to determine your company goals. If lead generation is your real goal, how you measure will be different than if your goal is related to traffic, clicks, social media, etc.

Step #2: Optimize your campaign based on your goal. According to Search Engine Journal, there are a few different ways you can optimize your campaign all based on the goal you set in step #1. For lead generation, build a landing page to link back to that will draw in those leads, for brand awareness, try tracking social metrics, and for gaining new customers, try using Google Analytics to keep track of al your new visitors from a particular guest article.

Step #3: Look at your totals based on your goals. Once you’ve found the metrics that coincide with your goals (discussed above), use these metrics to analyze each blogger and each tactic and then look at your totals. See if the total amount of leads, clicks, shares, etc. are improving as more guest articles and relationships get established. This will give you a good idea of the success of your overall campaign.

What about tools? There are blogger outreach tools you can use to help you track your campaigns and save you time; however most companies follow the steps listed above to create something more targeted. If you’re going to make blogger outreach a huge part of your business, however, a tool might be a good idea. I usually recommend GroupHigh, but others include blogdash and outreach networks such as BlogSynergy and Guest Blog Genius.

In short, it’s up to the small business entirely to create a way to measure. No other company can tell you that you are wrong, so it might seem risky, but it puts you in complete control. Instead of trying to measure your campaign and always thinking, “am I doing this wrong?” start thinking positively: There is no way you’re doing this wrong.

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