How to Increase Brand Interaction

It may seem like it’s obvious but companies are finding that Facebook is a great way to interact and a great way to share their news and information. A new study conducted by Constant Contact that was done by the research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey confirms that people are using Facebook to interact with brands. The study looked at the behavior of 1,491 consumers in the United States, all of them aged 18 and older. Here are some of the interesting points from the study:

  • About 58 percent of those who liked the brand where customers.
  • More than half, 57 percent, wanted to learn more about discounts and promotions.
  • People do read what you post. Abut 77 percent said they read the posts and updates from the company.
  • Of those that read the posts, about 17 percent will interact with them. About 13 percent will repost the update on their page.
  • Those who interact on Facebook are not just ‘serial’ likers. About 78 percent of them said the ‘like’ fewer than ten brands on the site, which makes it seem as if they are choosy.
  • Facebook can drive people to drive. About 51 percent said they buy a product after they become a fan.
  • Social media has become the new word of mouth and Facebook is one of the best ways to spread news about companies. About 56 percent of those surveyed said they recommend the brand to a friend once they have ‘liked’ the product or service.

So how do you reach these millions of potential customers on Facebook? First, make sure you page is updated with great content and information. As mentioned earlier, more than half will ‘like’ a page to hear about special deals or promotions. Give them something to come to page to see and you could see more sales.

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