How Content Marketing Effects Your End Goals [Infographic]

Sometimes around the holidays focuses can shift in a company. While content is always incredibly important, sometimes PPC, social media, email marketing and e-commerce considerations take center ring. It suddenly becomes about ramping up sales and less about improving and marketing relevant content. This makes the holidays a great time to remember why content really is the backbone to a company and why it is so huge in meeting end goals and impacting your bottom line—even during the holidays.

HubSpot recently published an infographic from Fractl here that focused specifically on marketing your content in a way that helps your bottom line (which for most companies, especially around the holiday season, is conversions). As you can see in the infographic below, are three things to remember when marketing your content specifically to help you meet your ultimate end goals:

  1. Make on-site content a focus. Publish relevant content on your blog regularly in order to establish a voice and build trust and awareness with readers.
  2. Create a targeted promotions plan. In other words, focus on your off-site content to help drive people to your site and establish visibility on SERPs (pretty obvious but important nonetheless).
  3. Don’t rush it. You have to be patient if you want to see these types of results with content marketing. This isn’t always the case depending on your short-term goals, but it will take a while when talking long-term.

Naturally the infographic below goes into much more detail.

Fractl Content Marketing


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