Here’s What You Need to Know About the New AdWords Extensions

As you may have heard, Google AdWords has two exciting new extensions released in beta: Visual Sitelinks and Promotions Extensions. Because they are in beta, they are not officially rolled out and are therefore not fully available to AdWords users just yet. At this time, advertisers have to request to be whitelisted to participate in the experimentation of these extensions. However, data from beta testing should reveal the potential and efficacy these new extensions will provide advertisers. Here’s what you can expect from these new extensions.

Visual Sitelinks

Visual Sitelinks allow you to include images in extensions that appear along with text that is displayed in the Sitelink Extensions of Google Search Ads. This is important for advertisers, because the use of images can significantly enhance ad resonance with users. The expectation is that Visual Sitelinks will highlight the product experience to evoke an emotional response from users.

Guidelines and specifications for Visual Sitelinks:


Promotion Extensions

This will allow advertisers to highlight specific sales, discounts, or promotions across their AdWords ads without having to rewrite the creative every time you run a sale. This is good for both advertiser and user, because advertisers can display relevant promotion information to users without it coming at the expense of complementary, useful information in the creative text they see. Advertisers can schedule promotion extensions to appear on dates, days, and at specific times. Promotion Extensions will appear like this:

One thing advertisers should be mindful of in utilizing this Promotion Extension is putting all the necessary information on the landing page users will end up on. If a user clicks on a promotion extension, they should end on a landing page that advertises that very promotion front and center. If the user has to hunt across the website for the promotion they saw, one of two negative outcomes could happen: 1) they don’t see the promotion they clicked on and bounce from the page or 2) they back track to make sure they saw the promotion correctly, reclick on the ad to find the promotion, and the advertiser ends up paying double for one user.

Incentivized Clicks

True to their commitment to providing the best user experience, Google is continuing to add features that enhance Google Search Advertising. By allowing advertisers to display as much information as possible right from the start, users can see more information in fewer clicks. You can expect Google to continue adding opportunities that incentivize users to click, while also providing a positive user experience.