Google’s New Search Console API Is Now Live

There isn’t much news to report, but this news will have a big impact on small business owners and Webmasters. As of just yesterday morning, Google launched the new Search Console API, which was formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools. Now hopefully by now you know that Google Webmaster tools is crucial to the success of your online marketing and relationship with Google, so the new Search Console will continue to be a huge part of any website strategy. Starting today, it’s up to you to figure out how it works and what new tools and reports are available to help you succeed moving forward, so we’re here to help.

Details of the New Search Console API

According to the official announcement on the Google Webmaster Central blog, found here, the new Search Analytics API will help you “bake search performance data into your apps and tools.” Essentially, this new API will allow Webmasters to program their tools and reporting directly with the data they will be found in the Search Analytics report.

Note: The Search Analytics report was actually launched back in May of this year within what was then Google Webmaster Tools. This report was said to replace the Search Queries report in August (now!). You can learn more about this report here.

Now that the Console is fully launched, anyone can use it, and according to a Search Engine Land article, the old CSV download method of pulling data from the Google Search Console will still exist for a while. That same article also said that the features and options within the API by far exceed the feature set within the old API.

The official announcement gave the following example to show what you can use the API to do, all of which you can check out here:

  • Verify the presence of data (what’s the most recent data you can request?)
  • Top 10 queries by click count
  • Top 10 pages
  • Top 10 queries in India
  • Top 10 mobile queries in India

The new console was created with the feedback in mind that Google got from the Search Analytics feature. This update also did not come as a surprise because Google asked for beta testers back in March and have been talking about this idea for quite some time. Fortunately because the rollout was so slow and came at us piece by piece, getting started will be easy if you’ve used the existing Search Console API.

How to Get Started with the Search Analytics API and What It Means to You

As you may have expected, getting started is really a job for programmers. You can read a how-to page here to check out examples in Python that you can use as recipes for your own programs. Below is a screenshot of the directions verbatim to give you an idea of what you’ll find when taking steps to use the new API:


If you have any questions or are interested in learning about other people’s experience, I highly recommend checking out this forum. Once you do give it a try and check out the API here, let us know your thoughts and your questions in the comment section below.

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