Gmail Redesign: What To Expect

Many of Google’s Gmail 260 million users are businesses who rely on the service to stay in contact with colleagues, customers and other associates. Google is announcing a redesign to its email service. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of the new service.

The Pros

  • You now can control the size of your chat window. It was annoying for those who needed a bigger chat window so they could see. The new Gmail gives you the option to make it as large or as small as you need. 
  • Adjust Gmail to fit whatever size you need as far as the window or screen size goes.
  • A new search pane makes it easy to search straight from you email.

The Cons

Actually there’s only one con so far, based on a video demonstration from Google. An ad will appear at the bottom of the page, adding to ads you see at the top and side of your email window. If you don’t like ads, this can be annoying.

However, for companies who have purchased Gmail ads, this is good news. Google has been reaching out to businesses with more advertising options in the past year and this is just another option to show your ads.

Google officials have not announced the exact date as to when the changes will be taking place, but it’s expected to be sooner rather than later. In a separate announcement, Google officials announced changes in Google Reader. Reader has been popular for those who like to catch up on the bogs they follow and news they read in one place.

Perhaps in a way to get more people to use their Google+, you can no longer share content in Reader. You will have to share through Google+. Those who like Reader may be willing to give Google’s social network a try to continue sharing their content. There is no word as to when the change will be made.

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